What are AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots)?

AMRs are autonomous robots that can navigate a space independently without the guidance of a human or a predefined path. They are the successors of AGVs (Autonomous Guided Vehicles) which depended on an operator’s supervision or well-defined directions.

AMRs leverage embedded cameras to capture images of their surroundings for the purposes of obstacle detection and object recognition.  The images and videos captured by the camera are sent to an edge processor to analyze them for intelligent decision-making. Some of the types of AMRs used in warehouses, retail stores, and agricultural farms include cleaning/disinfection robots, goods-to-person robots, patrol robots, telepresence robots, delivery robots, automated weeders, etc.

How do AMRs see?

Advancements in embedded vision and camera technology have helped AMRs become truly autonomous and enhance their ability to perform certain tasks. Learn all you need to know about how AMRs capture images and videos, and the different types of camera systems used in them

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How embedded vision is building AMRs of tomorrow

Embedded cameras in AMRs help in performing various functions such as obstacle detection, barcode reading, object recognition, video previewing and recording, teleconferencing, etc. Learn in detail how embedded vision and cameras are enabling the development of future-ready AMRs.

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How to choose an embedded camera for AMRs

Choosing a camera for autonomous mobile robots is easier said and done. It requires you to consider a multitude of factors. But we have made it easy for you. Whether you are developing a warehouse robot, patrol robot, or agricultural robot, this article outlines everything you need to know about selecting a camera for robots.

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Embedded vision applications of AMRs – how to integrate cameras into these systems

Agricultural robots

Learn everything you need to know about picking a camera for different types of agricultural robots such as harvesting robots, automated weeders, plowing robots, etc.

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Warehouse robots

Explore the world of embedded vision in warehouses with camera integration lessons for goods-to-person robots, pick and place robots, and robotic arms.

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Patrol robots

Get to know how embedded vision is enhancing security and surveillance using patrol robots by enabling autonomous navigation and surround view

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Telepresence robots

Do a deep dive into how embedded cameras enable teleconferencing in different types of telerobots used in retail stores, warehouses, hospitals, etc.

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Delivery robots

Read how embedded vision is contributing to enhancing delivery robots. Also learn the key camera-related features behind choosing a perfect camera solution for them.

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Service/companion robots

Dig deep into the process of picking and integrating the right embedded camera solution seamlessly into your service or companion robot

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Special types of sensors and embedded cameras used in AMRs

Time of flight cameras

Stereo cameras

Global shutter cameras

GMSL cameras

Other key camera-related parameters in AMRs



e-con Systems’ camera solutions for AMRs

Depth Camera

3D Time of Flight (ToF) camera

Barcode Scanning Camera

Full HD Color Global Shutter Camera Module

Surround View Camera

IP67 Full HD GMSL2 HDR camera