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Making the smart classroom smart is on the rise world over with more visual aids being offered to students to provide them with a more realistic learning experience. Along with this, remote classrooms and virtual presence in classrooms is picking up as well. Cameras and image processing play an important part in designing such remote and smart classrooms. Applications will include video streaming, recording, Virtual reality, Augmented reality, etc.

Smart Class

Key imaging requirements

Small Form Factor

Small Form

High resolution


Auto focus


4K Streaming


Smart Classroom Solution Case Study

So how we implemented Telepresence Robots for a leading client in the education space.

What e-con Systems™ offers

Cameras in the classroom range from simple small form factor AF camera modules to custom lens modules for specific instruments and AR/VR applications. Apart from cameras, smart classrooms need processor systems in addition to the camera to allow for compression and encoding in case of streaming or image processing in case of AR/VR applications. Cameras should be optimized for lighting, positioning and other parameters that vary in classrooms.

e-con Systems™ has experience in choosing and customizing cameras for these applications.

  • Multicamera interfacing for 180/360 view
  • Base board to interface with the NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ Developer Kit
  • Auto white balance and auto Exposure control

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