Edge AI & CV Product Development Webinar series

How to build Edge AI & Computer Vision PoCs in 4 weeks
with ready to deploy Hardware and Tuneable Algorithms?


This case study driven webinar is intended for product managers, engineers, and solution architects. You'll get a deep understanding of the step-by-step project plan on how to build quick computer vision PoCs in 4 weeks using readily deployable cameras, edge processors, and their combinations available in the market.


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Key Takeaways

  • How to identify the feature set of Edge AI based Hardware Product focused PoCs?
  • Step by Step 4-week plan to test any idea by building a fast PoC
  • What expertise do you need to build fast Proof of Concepts?
  • What are the ready to deploy camera and edge processor combinations readily available in the marketplace?
  • Where to find and tune AI and Computer Vision Algorithms specific to your application?
  • Case Studies
    • How a Smart shopping cart PoC was built & tested in four weeks?
    • How a Smart Digital Signage PoC was built & deployed for testing in four weeks?
    • How an anti-spoofing solution for smart ATMs was ideated and brought to PoC stage in 4 weeks? – Product in Pre-prod stage

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