How to accelerate the time to market of your

Edge AI enabled computer vision product?

In this webinar we will use the 50+ years of cumulative experience from e-con systems and CRG electronics to give you the definitive guide to developing a successful edge AI enabled computer vision application for Israeli technology community


Presented on 23 Nov 2020
Speakers Mr. Maharajan, Co-Founder, e-con Systems
Mr. Gomathi Sankar, Product Manager, e-con Systems
Mr. Efi Golan, Field Application Engineer,CRG Electronics
Language English

    Key Points

  • What are the Key hardware and software parts of an Edge AI enabled Computer Vision product?
  • What are the Important considerations before you start an Edge AI enabled Computer Vision product development?
  • How to choose the hardware platform and how to choose the right camera?
  • How to take advantage of existing development systems to build your product?



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