Building a world-class, camera for Smart Traffic Management System

Summary of the solution

e-con Systems worked closely with a leading smart city solution provider to build a rugged, weather-resistant, and unattended camera for its Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) to improve road networks. We deployed STURDeCAM21, equipped with HDR, LFM, and a GMSL interface while integrating an IMU and a custom lens to meet the client’s FoV requirements.

Key challenges faced by the client

Rugged camera design

Choosing the right sensor,
interface, optics,
and enclosure.


High-quality imaging
data in different
lighting/weather conditions.

Software integration

Capabilities to withstand
shock and vibrations.

Cable-based Connectivity

Need for effective
long-distance cabling.

Benefits of the solution

Feature images
  • 20% reduction in traffic congestion
  • 3750 emission savings (tons/years)
  • $500k total cost savings (fuel + user)
  • 1,500,000 vehicles impacted (per year)

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