Summary of the solution

The client required a vision-based quality control inspection system to auto-capture/detect product defects in real-time on the edge. See how e-con Systems enabled the client to achieve lower risks, higher cost savings, and smoother operations despite having to inspect products in harsh environments!

Key challenges faced by the client

Unpredictably large-sized material

Unpredictably large-sized material
surfaces on which defects
had to be detected

Detecting minor defects

Uncompromisingly high
level of quality
(detecting minor defects)

Robotic ARM

Cameras to be placed on a moving
robotic arm for a quick quality
control inspection

Benefits of the solution

Feature images
  • Customized MIPI camera for quality control inspection - with a motion blur-free setup for real-time edge processing
  • Improved staff safety and better working hours due to reduction of repetitive manual tasks
  • Elimination of costly human errors with better inspection accuracy

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