Summary of the solution

The client required a vision-powered system that acted as a network surveillance camera and an on-board smart surveillance camera. e-con Systems empowered the client with the perfect HDR camera module and readily-available production quality drivers to ensure future-ready surveillance capabilities.

Key challenges faced by the client

traditional network surveillance

Dual-purpose camera solution
(traditional network surveillance vs.
on-board smart surveillance)

Super wide-angle

Super wide-angle, with less
distortion, and highly sensitive to
visible light and infrared light

Integrated with Selected Processor

Selecting the right type of
module integrated with the
selected processor

Benefits of the solution

Feature images
  • Off-the-shelf HDR camera for smart surveillance - tremendously low product development time
  • Deep-dive data insights for real-time detection of threats
  • Ease of camera installation (standard and premium versions)

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