Summary of the solution

e-con Systems equipped a US-based manufacturer of in-patient telehealth devices to build a best-fit Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) product to reduce the cost of patient care and deliver better experiences. We customized See3CAM CU135 - a 4K USB camera - to meet all the client's imaging needs - including the integration of a motorized IR filter holder for 24-hours streaming.

Key challenges faced by the client

Minimum working distance

Streaming 24 hours - day
(room light) and night
(dark or low-light)

Android support

Ensuring the patient's bed is
within the camera's FoV -
from 15 feet away

Form Factor

Seamless zoom, pan, and
tilt capabilities

Form Factor

Compatibility with TI's platform
running Android

Benefits of the solution

Feature images
  • 5000+ COVID patients monitored in 97 hospitals (March-April 2020)
  • 20,000+ patients monitored across multiple hospitals
  • 50,00,000+ monitor hours clocked

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