Summary of the solution

e-con Systems helped a global pioneer in automating manual processes in clinical laboratories to build an AI-enabled in-vitro diagnostic device (microscope) that can analyze any biological sample slide (blood, urine, etc.). Our expertise played a significant role in helping launch this revolutionary product that could save millions of lives on the market on time.

Key challenges faced by the client

Large optical format

Large optical Format

To reproduce object detail with a high-resolution sensor

High Sensitivity and SNR

High sensitivity and SNR

To ensure zero/very less noise in any lighting environment.

High Dynamic Range

High Dynamic Range

To recognize the several color shades on the sample slide

Benefits of the solution

Feature images
  • Faster time-to-market for mass-volume production
  • Better resolution, lower noise, and a higher dynamic range
  • Reduced time taken by the device for scan and release of reports (approx. 7 mins)

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