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Exploring Benefits of e-con Systems’ Multicamera Solution for Qualcomm RB5 Kit

With the rising demand for sophisticated and versatile multi-camera applications, e-con Systems has developed a cutting-edge solution tailored specifically for the Qualcomm RB5 kit. Discover how this solution unlocks a world of possibilities, empowering developers to effortlessly create innovative and immersive multicamera applications.

Exploring Benefits of e-con Systems’ Multicamera Solution for Qualcomm Rb5 Kit

Multi-camera systems have become increasingly prevalent across various industries due to their ability to capture detailed and comprehensive visual data. From capturing aerial views with drones to enabling precise object detection in delivery robots and revolutionizing the retail experience with autonomous shopping systems, these applications rely on the seamless integration of advanced camera technologies.

This blog explores why the Qualcomm RB5 Kit and e-con Systems’ solutions are a perfect match, propelling innovation and driving success in multi-camera applications.

What is the Qualcomm RB5 Kit?

The Qualcomm RB5 Kit is a state-of-the-art development platform developed by Thundercomm, a joint venture between ThunderSoft and Qualcomm. Specifically designed for robotics applications, the RB5 Kit offers a range of advanced features and capabilities to enable developers to create cutting-edge robotic solutions.

At the core of the RB5 Development Kit is the Qualcomm QRB5165 processor, a meticulously engineered and highly capable chipset tailored to fulfill the exact needs of robotics applications. This heterogeneous computing architecture empowers the QRB5165 processor to deliver an impressive 15 Tera Operations Per Second (TOPS) of compute power.

e-con Systems’ Multi-Camera Solution for the Qualcomm RB5 Kit

The default RB5 development Kit has support only for a limited number of cameras, which is insufficient for more advanced use cases such as automated guided vehicles, industrial robots, self-driving vehicles, service robots, drones, and industrial control systems targeted for the QRB5165 processor.

Recognizing this need, e-con Systems has taken the initiative to develop a solution that bridges the gap and empowers the RB5 Kit with robust multi-camera capabilities.

Qualcomm RB5 Kit and e-con Systems: An Ideal Solution Combo for Embedded Vision Applications

Qualcomm, known for its Snapdragon family of processors, brings its expertise in low-power optimization to the RB5 Kit. It is a significant advantage, as multi-camera applications often require extended operation times without compromising functionality. By leveraging Qualcomm’s low-power design principles, the RB5 Kit ensures efficient utilization of power resources, resulting in extended battery life for devices.

Now, let’s look at some applications to which it can add vision power.


Drones have emerged as a prominent use case for multi-camera applications, offering aerial inspections, mapping, and surveillance capabilities. With the combination of Qualcomm RB5 Kit and e-con Systems’ solution, developers can connect up to six cameras, enabling drones to capture multiple perspectives seamlessly. Qualcomm’s low power consumption also ensures that drones can operate for longer periods without draining their batteries quickly. In addition, the RB5 Kit’s optimized thermal dissipation further enhances its suitability for drone applications, as it can handle sustained usage and high-performance requirements.

Furthermore, drones often require different types of cameras based on specific use cases. The RB5 Kit, combined with e-con Systems’ camera modules, allows developers to choose the most appropriate cameras for their drone applications. This flexibility allows developers to tailor their camera selection to match the unique requirements of each drone project, ensuring optimal image quality, precise data capture, and the ability to achieve the desired outcomes. With the Qualcomm RB5 Kit and e-con Systems’ solution, developers have the ideal choice to create customized drone systems.

Delivery Robots

Delivery robots represent another use case where multi-camera applications play a crucial role. Battery-operated devices demand efficient power consumption to ensure extended operation without frequent charging. The Qualcomm RB5 Kit, renowned for its low-power capabilities, addresses this requirement flawlessly. Additionally, the thermal management capabilities of the RB5 Kit make it an excellent choice for delivery robot applications. This ensures stable performance even in demanding outdoor scenarios.

With delivery robots relying on multiple cameras to navigate and interact with their surroundings, integrating e-con Systems’ camera modules further enhances their capabilities. The e-con Systems’ solution empowers delivery robots to capture comprehensive visual data, enabling accurate object detection, obstacle avoidance, and precise navigation.

Moreover, the Qualcomm RB5 Kit’s impressive compute power, capable of delivering 15 TOPS, enables delivery robots to process complex algorithms and make real-time decisions efficiently.

Autonomous Shopping

Autonomous shopping environments require advanced multi-camera systems to accurately track and analyze customer movements, product placements, and inventory levels. The RB5 Kit and e-con Systems’ camera modules provide the ideal solution to address these demands.

In addition to camera capabilities, the RB5 Kit’s heterogeneous computing architecture, combined with its impressive 15 TOPS processing power, enables real-time data analysis and decision-making. This ensures seamless customer interactions, efficient inventory management, and effective loss-prevention measures.

Final Thoughts

The ultimate collaboration between the Qualcomm RB5 Kit and e-con Systems’ solution sets the stage for transformative advancements in multi-camera applications. From drones to delivery robots and autonomous shopping, this powerful combination offers unparalleled capabilities, including seamless integration, optimal camera performance, customization options, extensive software support, and a wide range of applications. So, it is the go-to choice for developers seeking to push the boundaries of innovation and unlock new possibilities in these dynamic fields.

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