Notification COVID-19

Update from the Executive team on the COVID-19 virus

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your support so far! We would like to keep you appraised on how e-con Systems is responding to CoVID-19. At the outset we are happy to say that the entire e-con team is safe and our partners are also safe. We don't have any CoVID-19 +ve case amongst our employees or their families. Our R&D center and manufacturing center are based out of India. India had a 21-day lockdown from March 24th until April 14th. This lockdown is now extended till May 3rd. We are hopeful that it should be good enough for complete sanitization. Our prayers are with all those going through the recovery worldwide.

The good news is that since we are supplying critical parts to many customers who are in essential goods business, we have been allowed to partially operate. We have started to work with a minimum workforce and we are slowly ramping up. Web orders are getting shipped out of our factory in India as well as from our distributors in Korea (South) and Japan. In anticipation of a lockdown in India, we had this as a backup plan and thanks to our distributors it worked well in helping our customers.

When the lockdown was announced in India we had to ensure that employees of e-con and our manufacturing partners are safe. After ensuring their safety we started planning for the next steps. Our Sales and Product Management team got in touch with our customers and checked their wellbeing. We have many customers in the medical domain who were actively working towards the global cause by using their product innovations for applications like Ventilators, Thermal Cameras, CoVID test kits, etc., we started prioritizing our efforts towards helping those who are at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic in whatever way we could.

We have already started our manufacturing operations and we are ramping up steadily. With our plants in Delhi and Chennai operational, we are confident of meeting our customer's needs. With 17 years of being in business, with our experience, we are confident that we would come out safely. Let's defeat this COVID-19 virus together.

Stay safe and Stay healthy,
Yours sincerely,
Ashok Babu (President), Harishankkar (VP-Business Dev), Maharajan (VP-Software development), Maheshwari (VP-Manufacturing Quality)
Date - April 15th 2020.