Reimagining skin imaging for a major US-based healthcare solution provider to autonomously detect cancer

e-con Systems helped a leading skin imaging system provider, based in the US, build a custom dermatology diagnostic device to enhance how physicians and clinicians communicate. With superior color accuracy, high-speed image capture capabilities, and other cutting-edge features, we delivered a perfect-fit final product while ensuring an extremely short product development cycle.
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About the client

The client is one of the world’s leading healthcare autonomous AI companies that helps capture clinical-quality 3D images of skin lesions and upload them for review by dermatologists. Serving a global market, they offer handheld imagers that send images via cloud to networks of healthcare specialists.

Key Challenges and customer's expectations

The client required a compact and high-quality camera for skin imaging to provide visual insights for their diagnostic software to autonomously detect skin cancer. It meant that the camera should be equipped to capture video and images from a graphical UI. However, it should also provide a hassle-free experience for physicians.

Some of the client’s other unique requirements were:

Lightweight  and small form-factor with USB interface to seamlessly fit into the imaging device

Autofocus actuator and  algorithms  to provide exact data points

Fast shutter with low latency

Low power consumption, considering the frequency of usage

Selection of the camera module

e-con Systems selected See3CAM_30, a 2.2 micron pixel-sized 3.4 MP autofocus low-light USB camera that had all the features to meet the client’s critical image specifications. See3CAM_30’s USB3.1 interface also supported the required bandwidth, and its UVC compliance ensured plug-and-play capability for Windows, Linux, and MAC systems. The process of finding the right lens (or multiple lenses) was also quick, given e-con Systems’ experience of having worked with many dermatology device makers with different needs. We chose the Varioptic liquid lens with superior autofocus and uniform exposure for high-quality images.

How e-con Systems™ delivered a hassle-free solution

e-con Systems understood that the need of the hour was to power the client’s custom diagnostic dermatology device with the ability to ensure superior color accuracy and uniform color distribution at low noise levels.

With the dedicated ISP in See3CAM_30, along with lens shading correction for the liquid lens, e-con Systems was able to give the client exactly what they were looking for. We delivered this high-end camera solution so that their device could capture images at blazing speed while:

  • Allowing high-quality close-up autofocus
  • Providing an unlimited number of cycles
  • Gaining outstanding resistance to vibration and mechanical shocks

Business benefits

  • Off-the-shelf camera solution seamlessly integrated into the customer product – rapid time-to-market
  • Feature-rich and custom-built – resulted in faster volume production than ever anticipated
  • Accurate data for physicians for quicker diagnosis and more precise treatment advice
  • Increased ability to communicate in a digitally-fluid ecosystem

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