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Regulus - eSOM270 Reference Design

The Regulus PXA270 Development Board is a multi board solution which features a piggy back eSOM270 computer on module and carrier board. The computer on module consists of XScale® PXA270 ultra low power microprocessor, SDRAM flash memory plus a power management IC. The Customers can choose to design carrier boards according to their needs and use the PXA270 computer on module. The Regulus platform comes up with a reference carrier board to this system on module having interfaces for almost all the peripherals supported by the PXA270.

  • eSOM270 - PXA270 Computer on Module @ 520 MHz / 128 MB SDRAM / 32 MB Flash
  • Nand Flash 512 MB
  • Display
    1. VGA Interface board
    2. LCD module with Touch screen
      • 4.3” 4.3” TFT - Supports 480x272
      • 7” TFT - Supports up to 800x480
  • Connectivity
    1. 10/100 Ethernet Port
  • Serial Ports - 7
    1. 7 RS232 Level UARTs
  • USB
    1. 2 Host Ports
    2. 1 Client Port
  • Digital Video
    1. Camera (3 Mega pixel add-on module) (QCI)
  • Miscellaneous
    1. I2C
    2. SPI
  • SD/MMC Card Support
  • Expansion Bus Interface
  • Real Time Clock (with Battery backup)
  • Upto 40 User Configurable GPIOs
  • 1 User Configurable LED
  • Dimension - 114 mm (L) X 65 mm (B)
  • Operating Temperature: -25 to +85 °C
  • 12V DC Supply
  • Platform for rapid product development
  • Reference design for handheld data
  • logging terminals

Kit Contents:

    • Hardware:
      • eSOM270 Module
      • Carrier board (Regulus)
      • JTAG
      • USB ActiveSync Cable
      • LCD Daughter card with 4.3" / 7" TFT
      • Touch Screen
      • Stylus
      • Power Supply
    • Software:

Add on Boards:

3MP Camera board - XScale

3.2 MP Camera (e-CAM32_PXAx)

Daughter card houses a Omnivision 3.2 autofocus camera module. Sits directly on the 24 pin camera connector on the Regulus Platform. The connector directly connects to the high speed camera bus of the PXA270.

Kit Contents
usb hub and ethernet board

3.2 MP Camera (e-CAM32_PXAx)

Connects through 2 RS232 level interfaces

Kit Contents

3.2 MP Camera (e-CAM32_PXAx)

Exposes Standard VGA Port connector

Kit Contents

OEM Design Services

e-con Systems can offer these services to expedite your products launch in market. With 12 years of product development expertise, e-con Systems can bring great value addition in your product development.

Base Board Design Services

Product Design Service

  •  Complete Product Development
  •  Form Factor Customization
  •  Product Sustenance
  •  Certification Service for product(FCC/CE/UL)
Design Support

Design Support

  •  Orcad schematics for carrier board
  •  Allegro PCB & footprint files
  •  Design Review
  •  3D Files of SOM & daughter boards
Software Design Services

Software Design Services

  •  BSP Optimization/Customization for target boards
  •  Device driver development
  •  Custom App development
  •  Software Consulting

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