Almach - AM3703 / DM3730 Development Board

eSOM3730 Reference Design

texa instrument support

Almach - AM3703 / DM3730 Board is a dual board solution which features eSOM3730 and carrier board. This DM3730 development board runs Linux / WinCE. DM3730 board's ultra-low power microprocessor runs up to 1GHz, mobile LPDDR SDRAM configurable from 128MB to 512MB and NAND flash configurable from 256MB to 1GB.

The eSOM3730 module also has the 7" LCD Daughter card, Camera Interface, Wireless LAN and Bluetooth module along with Power Management IC that can be programmed through I2C.

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  • eSOM3730 - DM3730 Computer on Module
    1. TI’s ARM® Cortex™-A8 DM3730 Processor
    2. TMS320C64x+™ DSP@1GHz
    3. 32 bit 512MB LPDDR SDRAM
    4. 8 bit 1GB NAND flash
    5. Power Management IC
    6. Audio Codec
    7. RTC
  • Display
    1. DVI Interface
    2. LCD module with Touch screen (7” TFT - Supports 800x480)
  • Connectivity
    1. Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/a & Bluetooth Classic and BLE v4.1
  • Serial Ports
    1. 2 RS232
  • USB
    1. 1 USB Host (2.0)
    2. USB OTG
  • Digital Video
    1. 8MP MIPI Camera, 5 MP HD Camera and 1.3 MP Custom Lens Camera (add-on module)
  • Miscellaneous
    1. I2C
    2. SPI
  • SD/MMC Card Support
  • 1 Wire Interface
  • 2 Channel 10 bit ADC
  • Upto 50 User Configurable GPIOs
  • Aux-In, Headset and MIC Interface
  • Dimension - 118.29 mm (L) X 75 mm (B)
  • Power Supply: 5V / 3A
  • Supporting Operating Systems
    1. Windows Embedded Compact 2013 / WEC7 / WindowsCE 6.0
    2. Linux Kernel: 3.13.0
DM3730 - Baseboard Block Diagram

Almach - DM3730 Development Kit

Download Almach - DM3730 Development Board Documents:

pdf   Almach Hardware and Software documents

Almach - DM3730 Development Kit Contents:

  • EK-3730-WEC2013 / EK-3730-WEC7 / EK-3730-WINCE6:

Add on Boards:

5MP Camera board

5.0 MP Camera Board (ACC-3730-5640CAM)

ACC-3730-5640CAM is an Add on board to Almach - DM3730 RDK to evaluate e-CAM52A_5640_MOD, a 5MP Autofocus Camera Module based on OV5640 image sensor.

User Manual
1MP Camera board

1.0 MP Camera Board with S-Mount Lens (ACC-3730-CU10633CAM)

User Manual
usb hub and ethernet board

USB hub and Ethernet Board (ACC-3730-ETHUSB)

ACC-3730-ETHUSB is an Add on board to Almach - DM3730 RDK. The board has one type B USB2.0 port for upstream connectivity and two type A USB2.0 downstream ports. An RJ45 jack with integrated magnetics provides 10/100 Ethernet connectivity through the upstream USB port.

User Manual

OEM Customization

You can contact for customization of the Almach Board