e-CAM80_MI8865_MOD - 8 Mega Pixel Auto Focus MIPI Camera Module

e-CAM80_MI8865_MOD is a 8 MP Autofocus MIPI RAW camera module based on Ominivision's OV8865 CMOS image sensor. The 1/3.2-inch OV8865 is a low-power high-performance color CMOS Image Sensor featuring an improved 1.4-micron with BSI technology. OV8865 is already a proven sensor in the market with dynamic range and reduced dark current that enables superior high and low light image capture.

Note: You would require an external ISP to process the data. Contact us to purchase the ISP.

  • Omnivision OV8865 image sensor
  • Focus Type – Auto Focus
  • 2 lane/4 MIPI® CSI-2 interface
  • Maximum Image Transfer Rate
  • Resolutions 10 bit RAW
    VGA 60 fps
    HD (720p) 60 fps
    Full HD (1080p) 30 fps
    8MP 11 fps
  • View Angle - 74.6° ± 3°
  • Output Format - 10 bit RAW
  • Focusing Range - 10cm to Infinity
  • Temperature Range
    1. Operation - -20° to 70° C
    2. Stable Image - 0° to 50° C
  • Power requirements
    1. Active - 196mW
    2. Standby - 5uW
  • Max S/N ratio - 36.7 dB
  • Dynamic Range - 68.8 dB
  • Lens Size - 1/3.2"
  • Module Size - 25.40mm x 11.60mm x 5.20 mm
  • RoHS Compliant
  • OmniVision OV8865 Image Sensor
  • Pixel size: 1.4µm x 1.4µm
  • Optical format: 1/3.2"
  • Electronic Rolling Shutter
  • Auto Focus, Auto Exposure and Auto White Balance support
  • Image Area - 4614 (H) x 3444 (V)

e-CAM80_MI8865_MOD - Customization for other Application Processor platforms:

  • Document cameras/visualizers
  • High resolution OCR applications for large sheet sizes
  • Medical and scientific applications:
    • Tissue vision
    • Pathology examination
    • Microscopic applications

Download 8MP MIPI Camera Module Documents:

pdf e-CAM80_MI8865_MOD - 8.0 MP MIPI Camera Module

Download Evaluation Kit (See3CAM_81) Documents:

pdf See3CAM_81 - 8MP Autofocus UVC USB Camera

Download Evaluation Kit (e-CAM80_IMX7) Documents:

pdf e-CAM80_IMX7 - 8MP MIPI iMX7 Camera Board (SABRE Development kit)

Evaluation Kit:

Customers choosing to evaluate the e-CAM80_MI8865_MOD camera module, can purchase any one of the following Camera daughter boards.

1. PC Solution

See3CAM_81 - 8MP USB 3.0 Camera:

The USB 3.0 Camera Board (See3CAM_81) can be bought by customers choosing to evaluate the e-CAM80_MI8865_MOD camera solution on your product.


For more details and sales enquiries please write to sales@e-consystems.com

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 Camera Customization

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Targeted Applications

»  Internet Of Things (IOT)

»  Kiosk

»  Microscope

»  Barcode Reading (1D and 2D)

»  Patient Monitoring

»  Smart Home Controls

»  Wearables

»  Building Automation