System on Module (SOM) / Computer on Module (COM)

System on Module / Computer on Module (ARM SOM) provides cost effective embedded platform. We offer System-on-Modules based on NXP iMX7, iMX6, NVIDIA TegraK1, TI DM3730/AM3037, Marvell PXA270 processors. Our ARM computer on module supports Linux, Android & WinCE.

Our computer on modules / system on modules can be used in many applications likes IoT, Test and Measurement, Industrial HMI, eBook Reader, Wearable, Drone Payload, Deep Learning, Automation, Medical Imaging, Industrial Control, Remote Date Acquisition, etc. Customization of computer on modules, according to your requirement is possible. kindly contact for your queries.

bullat  Latest News : e-con's new SOM supports higher GPU performance and 802.11ac