System on Module (SOM) / Computer on Module (COM)

Computer on Module / System on Module provide cost effective embedded computing platform. Our Computer on Modules / System on Modules can be used in many applications likes Automation, Medical Imaging, Industrial Control, Remote Date Acquisition, etc. Supported OS: Linux, Android & WinCE.

eSOMTK1 - Tegra K1 SOM

  • pdf Download eSOMTK1 DataSheet
  •   nVIDIA's Tegra K1 4-Plus-1 ARM™ Cortex-A15 Quad core running upto 2.2GHz
  •    nVIDIA Kepler™ GPU with 192 nVIDIA CUDA® cores
  •    Upto 4GB DDR3L SD RAM
  •    Upto 64GB eMMC FLASH
  •   Form Factor: 70mm x 55mm
  •   Linux, Android

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  • pdf Download eSOMiMX6 DataSheet
  •   NXP-Freescale ARM® Cortex® - A9 i.MX6 Quad Core running upto 1GHz
  •   64 bit DDR3L with capacity as low as 256MB to as high as 4GB
  •    Upto 8GB eMMC FLASH
  •    Upto 1GB 64bit LPDDR2
  •   Form Factor: 70mm x 45mm (custom Q7)
  •   Android, Linux and WEC

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eSOM3730 - DM3730 SOM

  • pdf Download eSOM3730 DataSheet
  •   Texas Instruments ARM® Cortex™ - A8 DM3730 / AM3703 Quad Core running up to 1 GHz
  •   TMS320C64x+™ DSP core @ 800MHz/1GHz (For DM3730)
  •    Upto 512MB 32bit LPDDR SD RAM
  •    Upto 1GB 64bit NAND FLASH
  •   Form Factor: 55mm x 35mm
  •   Android, Linux and WEC

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eSOM270 - PXA270 SOM

  • pdf Download eSOM270 DataSheet
  •   Marvell (formerly Intel) XScale PXA270 @ 312/416/520 MHz
  •   32/64/128 MB SDRAM 1.8V ultra low power memory
  •   416 MB per Sec effective SDRAM Bandwidth
  •   16 bit 8/16/32 MB NOR flash 1.8V ultra low power
  •   Form Factor: 67.5 mm x 31 mm
  •   Linux, eboot, WCE

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