System on Module (SOM) / Computer on Module (COM)

Computer on Module / System on Module provides cost effective embedded computing platform. We offer ARM computer on modules based on processors like NXP/Freescale iMX6, NVIDIA Tegra K1, TI DM3730/AM3037, Marvell PXA270. Our ARM SOM supports Linux, Android & WinCE. You can access your devices in the field, by using our unique cloud based eRDA - Remote Device Access Application.

Our computer on modules / system on modules can be used in many applications likes Automation, Medical Imaging, Industrial Control, Remote Date Acquisition, etc. Customization of computer on modules, according to your requirement is possible. kindly contact for your queries.

eSOMTK1 - Tegra K1 SOM

  • pdf eSOMTK1 DataSheet
  •    NVIDIA's Tegra® K1 4-Plus-1 ARM® Cortex®-A15 Quad core running upto 2.2GHz
  •    NVIDIA Kepler™ GPU with 192 NVIDIA CUDA® cores
  •    Upto 4GB DDR3L SD RAM
  •    Upto 64GB eMMC FLASH
  •   Form Factor: 70mm x 55mm
  •   Linux, Android

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  • pdf eSOMiMX6 DataSheet
  •   NXP-Freescale ARM® Cortex®-A9 i.MX6 Quad/Dual/Solo/DualLite running upto 1GHz
  •   DDR3L upto 2GB
  •    Upto 32GB eMMC FLASH
  •   Form Factor: 70mm x 45mm (custom Q7)
  •   Android, Linux

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eSOMiMX6-micro SOM  new

  • pdf eSOMiMX6-micro DataSheet
  •   NXP/Freescale i.MX6 Quad/Dual ARM® Cortex®-A9 based CPU @ 800MHz/Core
  •   1GB LPDDR2
  •   Upto 64GB eMMC FLASH
  •   Form Factor: 54mm x 20mm
  •   Linux, Android*
  • * Under Development

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eSOM3730 - DM3730 SOM

  • pdf eSOM3730 DataSheet
  •   Texas Instruments ARM® Cortex®-A8 DM3730 / AM3703 running up to 1 GHz
  •   TMS320C64x+™ DSP core @ 800MHz/1GHz (For DM3730)
  •    Upto 512MB 32bit LPDDR SD RAM
  •    Upto 1GB 16bit NAND FLASH
  •   Form Factor: 55mm x 35mm
  •   Android, Linux and WinCE

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eSOM270 - PXA270 SOM

  • pdf eSOM270 DataSheet
  •   Marvell (formerly Intel) XScale PXA270 @ 312/416/520 MHz
  •   32/64/128 MB SDRAM 1.8V ultra low power memory
  •   416 MB per Sec effective SDRAM Bandwidth
  •   16 bit 8/16/32 MB NOR flash 1.8V ultra low power
  •   Form Factor: 67.5 mm x 31 mm
  •   Linux, WinCE

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