Since 2003, e-con Systems™ has been addressing the embedded camera needs of different types of markets across the world. Over the years, we have 'been there and done that' with consistency and commitment to accelerating product development that, in turn, create world-class industry experiences.

Cameras we offer

USB 3.0 Cameras

The world's first UVC Compliant USB3 camera that is Plug & play in Windows/Linux

NVIDIA Cameras

pioneer in delivering high quality cameras for NVIDIA Jetson Development Kits

Embedded Vision Cameras

Build end-to-end camera solutions for embedded vision applications

Industrial Cameras

High-quality digital cameras for various industrial applications

GMSL Cameras

The World's Fastest SerDes Camera up to 15 meters support with low latency

Camera Customization

We customize & Integrate cameras based on the needs of end product

Latest News

29th Mar 2023

5MP Sony® Pregius Global Shutter Monochrome Camera

See3CAM_50CUGM is a cutting-edge imaging solution based on a 5MP Sony® Pregius IMX264 CMOS sensor. It enables a pixel size of 3.45 µm and supports global shutter technology to ensure distortion-free capture of fast-moving targets. This camera is designed to meet the diverse needs of the medical and life science applications.

01st Mar 2023

3D ToF MIPI camera for NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin™

e-con Systems™ is delighted to launch DepthVista_MIPI_IRD, a ToF MIPI camera to power new-age embedded vision applications with outdoor robustness. This ToF camera comes with features such compatibility with NVIDIA Jetson platforms, compact form factor, multi-camera support and scalable depth range up to 8.5m

09th Nov 2022

Full HD Global Shutter FPD-Link III Camera Module

e-con Systems™ is happy to launch its full HD global shutter FPD Link III camera module. Some of the key features of this camera are shielded coaxial cable, reliable transmission of power and data up to a distance of 15m, high frame rate of HD @ 120fps, multi-platform support, and synchronized multi-camera streaming.