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Rapid and Scalable Vision solution development using Raspberry Pi 4 cameras

Posted on 16th Dec 2020
Author: Yogaesh,
Application Engineering Team
Author: Dhanalakshmi,
Product Marketing Team


Embedded vision systems have been a tested and proven solution in mature technologies such as Industrial automation, Quality management and control systems. Advancement in modern computation methodologies and its eco-system has made it possible for embedded vision solutions to cater to the varied needs of recent technologies such as agriculture automation, mobile robots, and autonomous solutions.
Typical solution development involves the collaboration of application developers (experts in respective technologies like mobile robots) with the right imaging partner with expertise in embedded vision solutions to achieve rapid development of a reliable solution. It is imperative for the imaging partner to understand the features and requirement of an application to provide a solution that enables quick time to market, an essential factor for businesses. The experts with extensive knowledge on the subject and experience assist in designing and implementing an effective imaging solution. Equally important is the end-to-end integration of the imaging solution to the computation platform and the high-level application that allows rapid prototyping.

"The recent addition of the compute module version of the Raspberry Pi is suitable for scalable embedded solutions for a variety of markets."

Raspberry Pi needs no introduction in being a cost-effective prototyping solution and having a wide eco-system. The single-board computer, which is popular among application developers, has evolved comprehensively, making it a viable option for embedded vision solutions. The recent addition of the compute module version of Raspberry Pi is suitable for scalable embedded solutions for a variety of markets.

Raspberry Pi Cameras - Technology Demand-Supply gap

Several cameras are available for Raspberry-Pi in the market. These cameras, designed to be a cost-effective and generic solution for prototyping with Raspberry-pi, may not be the right imaging solution suitable for the application, creating a technology demand-supply gap. For instance, the generic cameras available for Raspberry-Pi, may not have the right image quality to provide the best vision to the system to be deployed in outdoors, where the lighting conditions are random and highly varying.

Addressing the demand-supply gap

e-con Systems, a pioneer in embedded vision solutions, identifies the potential of Raspberry-Pi in robust and scalable embedded solutions and bridges the technology gap by introducing its imaging portfolio to Raspberry-Pi systems. e-con Systems introduces e-CAM130_CURB - MIPI CSI-2 Camera for Raspberry Pi 4, based on its popular product, e-CAM137A_CUMI1335_MOD. It delivers high resolution images using the combination of high-performance ISP and 1/3.2" AR1335 CMOS image sensor from ON Semiconductor. This combination delivers best quality images under varied conditions making it a reliable imaging solution.
e-con Systems reliable imaging solutions help embedded solution providers achieve faster prototyping and accelerate time to market. With the customisation and end-to-end integration support and long-term availability of products, e-con Systems has enabled multiple customers across various industries develop products faster and reduce time to market. To know more or evaluate our portfolio, contact sales@e-consystems.com
Soon to be launched !! e-con Systems" other imaging solutions for Raspberry Pi-4
13MP 4K Camera Module

13MP 4K Camera Module

13MP Auto-Focus Camera

  • Inbuild AF in compact form-factor
  • Kiosks and Document Readers
  • Handheld solutions and Assistive Technology

5MP Low-Light Camera

  • High Sensitivity in Low-Light
  • Biometrics and Retail Applications
  • Lab equipment and Medical Imaging
5MP MIPI Camera Module

5MP MIPI Camera Module

2.0 MP Global Shutter Monochrome MIPI Camera Module

2.0 MP Global Shutter Monochrome MIPI Camera Module

2.3 MP Global Shutter Camera

  • High speed Blur-free imaging
  • Industrial and Automation Solutions
  • LPR and Gesture Recognition Applications