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Colour Global Shutter Camera Solution for Gesture Recognition and
Industrial Drone applications

Posted on 16th Dec 2020
Author: Yogaesh,
Application Engineering Team
Author: Dhanalakshmi,
Product Marketing Team

Vision-based gesture recognition - Technology and applications

Vision-based gesture recognition - Technology and applications Of the many advanced technologies the embedded vision world is accustomed to, Gesture recognition is a recent addition which has been explored and tested more by the industrial segment. With vision and sensor-based interactive techniques, gesture recognition has evolved and been widely used across various applications, ranging from gaming to retail engagement. Today, vision-based gesture recognition systems are a significant part of Human Machine Interface (HMI) as they enable a more convenient and intuitive approach in communication. Automotive infotainment with gesture-based control is also one of the most explored features in cars.
A vision-based gesture recognition system involves a camera with suitable features that can be integrated into a robust processing platform to develop an effective solution. The embedded vision system processes gestures and converts them into commands with the help of a predetermined gesture library. Image acquisition and processing such as pattern recognition and motion analysis are few of the functions involved in it which call for a powerful processing system like the Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX. The ability to process images at higher frames-per-second ensures accuracy and reliability in converting gestures into commands as rapid hand movements are difficult to capture and recognize. High frame-rate Global shutter cameras are best-suited for such application as they deliver sharp images by capturing moving objects swiftly, enabling reliable detection of gestures. Many a time, colour information from the camera helps in reliable detection and understanding of the gestures.
Fig 1: Gesture Recognition System

Recent and growing applications of Industrial drones

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or drone is another familiar technology which has gained the attention of several industries. Usually operated to achieve First Person View (FPV), these drones with a camera can reach places which are not always accessible for humans, like underground tunnels, pipelines, and windmills. While most drones are equipped with monochrome global shutter cameras, recent progress with colour cameras is a significant development, allowing industries develop innovative vision solutions. For example, a drone with a colour camera is appropriate for pipeline inspection in the oil and gas industries as it is imperative to differentiate between various coloured pipes transporting liquids and gas. Industrial drones take over certain perilous operations like the inspection of windmill turbines. Finding the defects can be done remotely without putting a life at risk.
Fig 2: Drones

A reliable Imaging solution for these technologies

With expertise in the embedded vision product development for more than a decade, e-con Systems has provided valuable vision solutions for various applications. The recently launched AR0234 2.3 MP colour global shutter camera is designed to suit the needs of gesture recognition and UAV applications. The camera is paired with the well-known Jetson Xavier NX, enabling smooth image processing. The high frame rate capability of the camera combined with its global shutter feature provides blur-free images which are vital for gesture recognition. This cost-effective vision solution comes with out-of-the-box evaluation ready software for NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX which is also portable to other Nvidia Jetson platforms. This powerful combination can deliver Full HD images at high frame rates which are best suited for high performance applications like gesture recognition and critical applications such as mapping and surveillance.

Global shutter Camera for NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX

Global Shutter Camera for Jetson Xavier NX/Jetson Nano




Features and Benefits


High Frame Rate Full HD at 120fps

Helps to reduce or eliminate motion blur while streaming video

Onboard Image Signal Processor (ISP)

Helps to perform all the Auto functions (AWB, AE) and offloads image processing tasks & reduces CPU usage


Color Global shutter sensor

Helps to produce accurate and high-quality image of fast moving objects

Large pixel size with High SNR

Helps to produce sharp images with less noise in both low light and bright scenes