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News Archive

Dec 11th, 2009 - e-con Systems announces support of 3.2 Mega pixel camera for Gumstix OMAP 35xx Overo series of Computer on Modules

e-con Systems Inc., a leading Camera solutions company based out of St Louis, USA and Chennai, India has unveiled the e-CAM32_OMAP_GSTIX, the 3.2 Megapixel autofocus Gumstix Overo camera board. The camera module embedded on the e-CAM32_OMAP_GSTIX is based on Omnivision’s OV3640 CMOS image sensor.


“We feel that with the Overo Computer on module in combination with the camera board from e-con, customers could achieve prototyping with many image processing applications like barcode scanning, facial recognition, text processing, etc as well as Video streaming applications. To speed up the time to market, we offer services around the camera on OMAP ISP pipeline tuning, camera testing, driver development and performance optimizations on operating systems such as WinCE, Windows Mobile and Linux” said Ashok Babu, President, e-con Systems.


GSTIX_Front view

The e-CAM32_OMAP_GSTIX connects to the Gumstix Overo Computer on module via a 27 pin flex connector. It interfaces to all the four variants of the Gumstix Overo such as the Earth COM (OMAP3503), Overo Air COM (OMAP3503), Overo Water COM (OMAP3530) and Overo Fire COM (OMAP3530), via this flex connector. Mechanically, the Overo camera board has the same dimension as that of the Overo computer on modules and can be screwed to the Overo Computer on module there by providing mechanical stability.


"Gumstix is very pleased to add e-con Systems as a provider of value-added products built on our Overo(tm) computer-on-module series ", said Dr. W. Gordon Kruberg, president and founder of Gumstix, Inc. "The e-CAM32 camera board, which attaches to the 27-pin connector on the top of any Overo COM, puts a 3.2 Megapixel camera into the next generation of tiny products for video capture, surveillance and monitoring."


On the backend side, the e-CAM32_OMAP_GSTIX connects to the 8 bit parallel interface of the OMAP 35x processor and hence leverages the 130Mhz pixel clock that the OMAP35x processor can support. This enables higher frame rates to be achieved with higher resolutions and this is very useful for image processing applications.


“With its camera solutions for TI OMAP3530, e-con is filling the vacuum in our OMAP3530 eco-system. Now, our customers can make use of the TI DSP core inside the OMAP3530 for various image processing and video encoding applications in handheld devices by adapting the e-con’s Camera solutions in their products. With the ready-to-use camera solutions from e-con, we are confident that customers will usher OMAP3530 to innovative portable video and image processing applications, leveraging the high-performance, low-power ARM CortexA8+DSP cores of the OMAP3530.” said Praveen Ganapathy, Director – Business Development, Texas Instruments India


The company said they would have the future versions of the e-CAM32_OMAP_GSTIX to support LED flash to enable capture under low light conditions. The OV3640 sensor used in the e-CAM32_OMAP_GSTIX is ideal for handheld devices with its features like support for autofocus and anti-shake.


“e-con System’s camera hardware and software expertise has delivered a highly compelling camera solution that is based on our 3-megapixel sensor,” commented Robbert Emery, business development manager at OmniVision. “The combination of OmniVision’s OV3640 image sensor with TI’s DSP core in the OMAP3530 enables the e-CAM32_OMAP_GSTIX to deliver high-performance imaging functions, including JPEG compression, image stabilization and autofocus, for consumer and industrial handheld applications.”


Along with the camera board, e-con provides V4L2 Linux camera drivers with full source code. The e-CAM32_OMAP_GSTIX is priced at USD 99. For more information on the Gumstix camera board and volume pricing, please write to sales@e-consystems.com. Earlier this year, the company had announced support of a camera board for the Texas Instruments OMAP EVM board using the same sensor.


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Nov 10th, 2009 - e-con Systems at Marvell India Technology Day 2009

Marvell India Technology Day (MITD), held on 10th Nov 2009 is Marvell’s first effort in showcasing its might in landscaping in the Consumer Electronics and Communication domain.


This is the first program organized by Marvell to bring together its design partners and its own technological solutions under one roof. This assumes great significance after its acquisition of XScale Application processor line from Intel, which is immensely popular with design houses and end-customers in India. Intel slowly built customer base in India by conducting Intel Developer Forums and other events where the Embedded Xscale line was given adequate focus and that has proved to be successful. Now its Marvell’s turn take it forward to the next level.


marvell anand ramamoorthy
Delegate from Marvell Inc.
May 26th, 2009 - e-con Systems announces support of 3.2 Mega pixel camera for OMAP 35xx series of processors

e-con Systems Inc., a leading Embedded Design Services company based out of St Louis, USA and Chennai, India has unveiled its 3.2MP camera solutions for hugely successful OMAP35xx processors from Texas Instruments. Taking forward its leadership over the CMOS camera support for the various Application Processors, e-con has now announced the CMOS camera boards available for TI OMAP35x Evaluation Modules. e-con’s camera daughter board, e-CAM32_OMAP35x can be directly interfaced on the TI TMDXEVM3503 EVM board. Logically, the e-CAM32_OMAP35x connects to the high speed CMOS sensor interface of the TI OMAP 35x.


TI OMAP 3530 EVM board featuring add on module e-CAM32_OMAP35x mounted with 3.2M pixel image sensor
The TI OMAP35x processors offer tremendous processing power thanks to the Superscalar ARM Cortex-A8 core running at 600MHz. The higher end variants of this CPU (OMAP3525 and OMAP3530) support a C64x DSP and Video accelerator making it an ideal CPU for high-end real-time image processing. e-con’s camera solution is a logical extension to leverage the real-time image processing power available in the OMAP35x CPU. The e-CAM32_OMAP35x Windows CE driver closely integrates with the IVA2.2 (Image, Video and Audio Subsystem) Accelerator subsystem. This enables the application developer to fully utilize the advanced features available in the OMAP35x CPU.

On the Camera ISP backend, the e-CAM32_OMAP35x camera module nicely integrates with the 8-bit parallel camera interface in SYNC mode. This interface can support up to 130MHZ for 8-bit parallel camera data. With this clock, e-con has achieved capturing of video at 30fps at D1/VGA resolution from the e-CAM32_OMAP35x camera daughter board. The e-CAM driver also supports CCDC block inside the OMAP CPU, but not much processing is done inside CCDC for YUV422 format input data. However, the camera driver for OMAP35x is coupled closely with the Resizer block of the OMAP35x to support up scaling/downscaling by a factor of 4 to 0.25. A typical example of this would be that the 5mega-pixel (2560 X 1920 pixel) input image can be resized to VGA (640x 480) size without any software overhead by programming the Resizer block through the camera driver. This feature comes really handy for real-time image processing applications where the incoming images are to be scaled and provided for image analysis.


e-CAM32_OMAP35x mounted with 3.2M autofocus image sensor
e-con’s add on module,
e-CAM32_OMAP35x mounted with 3.2M autofocus image sensor
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The camera module mounted on e-CAM32_OMAP35x is based on Omnivision OV3640 CMOS image sensor. The camera module runs Autofocus algorithm for driving the lens assembly. Other than that, e-CAM32_OMAP35x supports flash for applications that require image capture at low lighting. e-con’s camera daughter board, e-CAM32_OMAP35x can be directly interfaced on the TI TMDXEVM3503 EVM board. The camera module is supported with Windows CE 6.0 camera driver with directshow support in an installer format. Both binary and source code versions of the driver are available in the same installer format to be installed on the host PC, where the OMAP BSP is installed.



The e-CAM32_OMAP35x can be bought by customers who have the TI OMAP EVM kit and are considering integrating camera on their product. Also, customers who have bought other development boards and would like to integrate the e-CAM32_OMAP35x on their board can contact e-con at the below mentioned contact details. The e-CAM32_OMAP35x comes with Windows CE 6.0 binary drivers with sample application for image capture using the autofocus camera. The sample application is provided with source code and API for building custom applications on top of the e-CAM32_OMAP35x.


e-con also supports eCAM module for its PXA processor family.


TI EVM board running the viewfinder application
TI EVM board running the viewfinder application on top of Windows CE 6.0
May 20th, 2009- e-con Systems’ wins "Windows Embedded Partner Excellence Award" at Microsoft Embedded Partner meet.

e-con Systems, a leading Embedded Design services company, focused on offering innovative solutions to the embedded community was recognized with the Embedded partner excellence award at the Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner Summit, held in Bangalore, India on the 22nd Apr, 2009.


Microsoft presented the Windows Embedded Partner Excellence Award to e-con Systems, in Gold Level partner category for offering System Integration services around Windows Embedded and variety of OEM deployable Single board computers/computer on modules with production-ready BSPs.


e-con’s Ashok Babu receiving the partner excellence award from Olivier Fontana, Group Marketing manager, Windows Embedded, Microsoft Corporation
With a track of delivering successful Windows Embedded products, e-con in the past has delivered several handheld point of sale terminals, billing automation systems, lottery terminals, handheld data loggers, digital picture frames, digital signage terminals, process control systems based on Windows Embedded for its customers.
"It is an honor to receive this award from Microsoft, The award motivates us to do develop better products for a better world" said Ashok Babu, President e-con Systems. "These recognitions from Microsoft positions e-con in a niche group of companies with special expertise in Windows Embedded Arena" added Ashok.
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April 3rd, 2009 - e-con Systems joins Windows Embedded SPARK Your Imagination Program
e-con Systems Inc., a leading Embedded Design Services company based out of St Louis, USA & Chennai, India, and a Gold Level member of the Windows Embedded Partner Program, today announced its participation in Microsoft’s Windows Embedded SPARK Your Imagination program.
As part of this program, e-con offers this low cost SPARK Your Imagination kit to hobbyist developers and the academic community with the features below:
  • A robust and production ready hardware platform with proven reliability running Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2
  • Full version of Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 and Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition, for noncommercial use
  • A professional grade product at an affordable price point, optimized for nonprofessional users
As part of the SPARK Your Imagination program, Microsoft offers Board Support Package (BSP) certification at no charge, for noncommercial use.
"The SPARK Your Imagination program is beneficial for the hobbyist as well as partner companies as it is creating a community, which is crucial for any innovative product idea. To nourish this community e-con is offering a low cost SPARK Your Imagination kit to assist the SPARK Your Imagination program participants, with their designs." commented Ashok Babu, president e-con Systems.

e-con's strength lies in working with customers to help shorten product development cycles and reduce the total time-to-market. By using flexible solutions, coined "Productized Services" around Windows CE, e-con has pioneered in addressing customer requirements and feels proud seeing their products in the market and make sure that customers and e-con create a value for everyone.

"The SPARK Your Imagination program provides a great opportunity for hobbyist developers and the academic community to try out Windows Embedded technologies at affordable prices," said Scott Davis, senior marketing manager Windows Embedded Academic & Community Programs at Microsoft Corp. "We are pleased to have e-con Systems as a participating vendor in this program and make SPARK Your Imagination Program offers more widely available."
About Spark Your Imagination
SPARK Your Imagination brings the benefits of embedded development on Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 and Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition to hobbyist developers and the academic community. Currently, under its MSDN Academic Alliance (MSDN AA) Program, Microsoft provides software for students and faculty in the embedded technology and design fields. Through the SPARK Your Imagination community program, the company is adding complementary offerings and extending them to the greater nonprofessional developer community to continue its dedication to the industry and future talent pool.

Interested hobbyists and enthusiasts may visit http://www.windowsembedded.com/spark for information about program participation.

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March 13th, 2009 - e-con Systems, Sub $50 Computer on module runs Linux /Windows CE

e-con Systems, Embedded Design Services company, with offices in Chennai, India and St. Louis, USA has announced price reductions on it's PXA270 based Computer on Module eSOM270.

Helping OEM and product development companies to ward-off spreading recession by reducing end product cost, development time and investments, e-con has slashed the rate of their popular XScale PXA270 System on Module – eSOM270 by more than 15% and have brought it under USD50.

A lot of the medium and large sized, established product companies, find it cost prohibitive, to use module in their product designs, but availability of sub $50 module will allow them to migrate to module based designs and achieve significant cost savings and a dramatic reduction in overall design time.

Processor module packed with PXA270 @312MHz with 32MB of SDRAM and 8MB of Flash preloaded with embedded Linux or Windows CE(core version) is a suitable choice for most of the applications like industrial control terminal, remote monitoring, security devices, handheld POS, microfinance terminal, cash registers etc., however for application which needs better storage and high processing power like display terminals, Kiosks, Surveillance devices etc. can opt for 520Mhz of clock speed, 128MB SDRAM and 32MB of Flash.

"We have optimized our supply chain to achieve lower costs and are happy to pass on the benefits to our customers. By offering eSOM270 at pretty attractive cost, we hope to encourage them to begin and continue to develop their range of next generation product and achieve positive outcomes." Says Ashok Babu, President, e-con Systems

eSOM270 having support both for Windows CE and embedded Linux, is an ideal Computer on Module, where customers can develop multiple carrier boards around the same core for multiple product variants. To assist customer in development, e-con offers a low cost jump start kit for its eSOM270 computer on module named Regulus. This rapid development kit can be used by system designers as a starting point for their own designs and enables users to quickly verify their system in hardware.

March 6th, 2009 - MosChip Semiconductor and e-con Systems' announce exclusive partnership for Windows Embedded CE support and BSP development for MosChip’s network appliance processors

e-con Systems Inc., a leading Embedded Design Services company based out of St Louis, USA and Chennai, India and MosChip Semiconductor, a leading provider of high Performance connectivity solutions for consumer, industrial and computing applications, announced an alliance, where e-con Systems will offer Microsoft Windows® Embedded CE support for MosChip’s range of network appliance processors.

e-con Systems is acknowledged by Microsoft® as a GOLD LEVEL Partner, offering complete solutions built on Windows Embedded CE. These solutions include Windows Embedded CE BSP development, BSP porting, device driver development and application development.

MosChip is a fabless semiconductor company offering products that include USB, PCI and PCIe connectivity; network appliance processors and co-processors; and audio-video content processors. These semiconductors are well suited for a variety of applications across consumer, industrial, networking and other such electronics markets.

Windows Embedded CE provides a 32-bit native, componentized, hard real-time operating system designed for small footprint devices, ranging from power- conscious GPS handhelds to real-time, mission-critical industrial controllers, which are targeted by MosChip’s range of processors. With production ready BSP available from e-con, MosChip’s customers will find it handy to develop their application on top of the evaluation kit and can significantly reduce design time and design investments hence reducing overall cost and time to market.

”Our alliance with e-con Systems expands our ability to empower our customers with more complete off-the-shelf system solutions that can be made ready for worldwide market deployment in weeks rather than months,” said Bhanu Nanduri, chief operating officer of MosChip Semiconductor. “Customers can bring to market a wide range of products such as, USB servers; NAS; POS; digital signage; Serial over IP; PC and media docking stations; and other related products in record time.”

"This partnership with MosChip is a natural progression of our Windows Embedded CE BSP development initiatives and will bring together organizations with complementary skill sets,” added Ashok Babu, President e-con Systems. “With e-con's specialization in delivering production quality BSP, MosChip can offer a ready solution to its OEM customers interested in developing smart Windows Embedded CE based devices in the shortest possible time.”

“We are pleased to work with partners like e-con to drive the development of smart, connected, service-oriented devices,” said Olivier Fontana, Group Product Manager at Microsoft Corp. “Windows Embedded CE, and the entire Windows Embedded portfolio of products, enables OEMs and developers to incorporate differentiating features in their devices and bring them to market more quickly.”

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December 3rd, 2008 - e-con Systems' announces e-CAM's availability with 3.2 Mega Pixel CMOS image sensor
Adding to its existing line of Camera Solutions, e-con Systems a leading product development services company based out of St Louis, USA & Chennai, India announced the availability of 3 Mega pixel camera sensor with e-CAM - the widely known Plug and Play camera solution for embedded platforms.

The 3 Mega pixel camera module is based on Omnivision OV3640 sensor. Capturing pictures at low light conditions require longer exposure times and hence there could be problems in holding the camera still. OV3640 is a CMOS image sensor module that has an image stabilization feature which solves this issue and hence makes it very much suitable for capturing pictures at very low light and variable light conditions.

3MP Camera Module


In addition, the module consumes very low power and supports very good power management features. The current 3M pixel e-CAM shall support a fixed focus camera and has plans to upgrade it to autofocus later.

e-con feels that this reference design using the 3 MP camera sensor can speed up the time to market and reduce the total cost of ownership. Interested customers can purchase the evaluation kit with the following

            1. Schematics for the e-CAM board with 3 Mega pixel camera module
            2. Windows CE camera driver with or without directshow support
            3. Linux camera driver with Video for Linux support
            4. e-CAM daughter boards for PXA270, PXA320, i.MX31 and AU1250
            5. Applications for Video capture, still image capture, etc.

Earlier, e-con had announced support for 1.3 Mega pixel sensor and 2 Mega pixel autofocus sensor along with e-CAM.

October 10th, 2008 - e-con Systems’ releases Base Board for eSOM270 - PXA270 based Computer on Module
e-con Systems Inc., an embedded Product Development partner, based out of St. Louis, MO and Chennai, India today announced the release of the base board for it's PXA270 system on module eSOM270.
The base board has two USB host ports, one USB client port, one SDIO interface, 3 serial ports, camera interface, LCD and touch screen. The display can be a 3.5"(QVGA) or a 5.7" one. Along with the base board, detailed schematics, hardware user manual and the bill of material (BOM) will be provided to help the customers design their custom board faster.



The company feels that with this release, base board development should be very fast using eSOM270. The base board is the last thing they would want to add in a series of developmental stuff on top of PXA270. Already e-con has announced its PXA270 based reference design Sirius with support for nine different add on modules such as Wi-Fi, NFC, bar code reader, GPRS, GPS, Quad UART, camera, finger print and thermal printer

September 23rd, 2008 - e-con Systems’ announces Windows CE 6.0 R2 support for PXA270 reference platfrom SIRIUS
e-con Systems Inc., a leading Embedded Design Services company based out of St Louis, USA & Chennai, India announced Windows CE 6.0 R2 support on its PXA270 reference design - Sirius.

The Sirius reference design is e-con's flagship product which is based on PXA270 processor and can be used as a development kit for multiple purposes incl. Customized Product design, establishing POC (proof of concept), R&D, Application development etc. Sirius can be made to use the new windows CE 6.0 R2 that contains new features such as support for remote desktop 6.0, support for SDHC, dynamically loadable font engines and the new componentized flash driver. The support for SDHC 2.0 not only results in support for high capacity cards but also will result in higher speeds.

Commenting on features of CE 6.0 R2, Ashok Babu, President, e-con Systems said "One of the features of R2 which would be of considerable interest to our customers is the ability to support both true type and raster fonts and the ability to load our own fonts and write the control engine for the same".

e-con Systems, has earlier also announced availability of multiple add-on-modules like Printer, GPS, GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. with SIRIUS having support for Windows CE 5.0/ Windows CE 6.0

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September 11th, 2008- e-con Systems’ Bags Product Design order for Handheld Terminal based on Marvell XScale PXA320

e-con Systems Inc., a leading product development services company based out of St Louis, USA & Chennai, India today announced that it has been awarded with an order to design a handheld terminal based on Marvell PXA320 processor. This rugged handheld terminal will have 12 hours of battery life and other than the on chip peripherals of PXA320, it supports audio, 3G GPRS and Wi-Fi as well. The handheld terminal shall run Windows CE 6.0 R2. The handheld will feature state-of-the-art power management and battery management techniques. The handheld shall be used for vehicle fault identification purposes. Ashok Babu, President e-con Systems Says "The customer was looking for atleast five years of design expertise on Xscale family and we were the only ones that satisfied the criteria".


September 2nd, 2008- e-con Systems' awarded Gold Level Partner status with Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner Program (WEPP), highest level granted to Microsoft's Windows Embedded Partners

e-con Systems Inc., a leading Embedded Design Services company based out of St Louis, USA & Chennai, India today announced that it has been escalated by Microsoft as a GOLD LEVEL Partner with Windows Embedded Partner Program (WEPP), a premium level status in strategic worldwide initiative that provides partners with increased business opportunities, market awareness and technology advice.


"It is an honor to be selected by Microsoft as a Gold-level Member of its Windows Embedded Partner Program," said Ashok Babu, President, e-con Systems.


Commenting on how GOLD Partnership benefits customers Ashok highlighted "e-con Systems as a System integrator strives hard to get the latest technology to its customers and assist them in meeting their goals. Being a gold partner e-con leverage the following advantages to its customers i.e.

  • Close business relationship with Microsoft
  • Full access to product roadmaps
  • Early access to product releases
  • Premium access to Windows Embedded CE source code

Hence they can migrate to advanced features quicker and before the competition, which helps them to add more value to their products and in turn adds value to their customers"


"We are pleased to award the Gold Level Partner status to e-con Systems of Chennai, India," said John Boladian, Lead Product Manager for Windows Embedded in Asia Pacific & Greater China, Microsoft Corp. "The Gold Level is the highest achievable in the Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner Program and recognises those partners committed to excellence in Windows Embedded technologies"



August 4th, 2008- e-con announces 9 different add-on modules with WinCE 6.0 and Linux drivers for Sirius - PXA270 reference design


In this period of economic slowdown, where OEMs are looking for solutions which could speed up their product design, e-con Systems, an embedded product design services specialist, has come up with a host of add-on modules on top of its PXA270 reference design, SIRIUS. The company feels that these add on modules could save valuable time for the OEM, who otherwise would be spending considerable time in developing and testing the design and also validating the software. The modules have been chosen carefully so that they help the customer achieve a very competitive bill of material at the same time faster time-to-market. For example, if the mechanicals have been finalized, e-con estimates that for a prototype handheld battery-powered point-of-sale terminal that would have the PXA270 processor with 128 MB SDRAM, 32MB NOR flash, 512MB NAND flash and with peripherals such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet, thermal printer, bar code reader, GPRS/GSM, audio, GPS, finger print, LCD and touch screen running Windows CE 6.0/Linux would not take more than 12 weeks of design effort.
E-con has come up with the following add-on- modules with device drivers for Windows CE and Linux
  • Thermal Printer Module
  • Biometric Finger print Scanner module
  • 1D/2D Barcode reader
  • NFC Reader - Contactless Smart Card
  • 802.11b Wi-Fi Module
  • Bluetooth Module
  • GSM/GPRS/GPS module
  • 2 Megapixel autofocus camera module
  • Quad UART module



With this solution, the company targets customers who would make mobile point of sale terminals, handheld terminals, industrial data loggers, Microfinance terminals, cash registers and vehicle tracking systems. Such customers can approach e-con for a custom design or can choose to buy the Sirius board and the modules. For details on the specification of each of the modules described above please contact e-con Systems

June 28th, 2008- e-con Systems announces launch of PXA270 based System on Module - eSOM270


In a move to add more and more pluggable modules to it's existing line of productized services, e-con Systems Inc., embedded Product Development partner, based out of St. Louis, MO announced the availability of eSOM270, the PXA270 based "system on module". At volumes of 1K, eSOM270 in the highest configuration (520 Mhz Clock/128M SDRAM/32M flash) is available at USD 110. The eSOM270 is available with PXA270 @ 312/416/520 Mhz, 64/128 MB SDRAM, 16/32 MB NOR flash. eSOM270 is available with Windows CE 5.0/6.0 and Linux support and this module is specially designed for industrial automation/control systems and supports 1.8V ultra low power memory, Power Management IC and an operating temperature between -25 degrees to +70 degrees.
Commenting on the usability of System on modular solutions, Ashok Babu, President mentioned that "Modular solutions are better for customers who would want to have multiple base boards around a single system on module and for customers with low volume requirements below 5K pieces".
With eSOM270 being the cheapest PXA270 solution, e-con intends to help customers to reduce their overall BOM cost while developing their products.
For more details, please visit esom270

May 26th, 2008- e-con participates in the first Windows Embedded partner summit in India


First Windows Embedded partner summit in India, organized by Microsoft on May 26th at the Royal Ball Room, Hotel Leela Palace, Bangalore.
John Boladian, Marketing Director - Windows Embedded Business for Asia Pacific & Greater China Region, shared Microsoft’s focus
on the Indian market and the importance of the ecosystem made by the Microsoft partners for bringing innovative products/solution to the market using Windows embedded. One of the recognized partner, shared precise information about the Windows Embedded, Capabilities and the latest features added in the recent release.
silver partner summit
Vivek Sanghi from e-con Systems receiving Silver Partner Memento from John Boladian, during embedded partner summit in Bangalore
Awards were given to Gold and Silver level partner to recognize their contribution to the Windows Embedded community and the expertise on Windows Embedded.

May 19th, 2008- e-con Systems completes design of Digital picture frame on RMI's AU1250 with Windows CE 5.0


e-con Systems announces completion of RMI's AU1250 based digital Photo Frame design, for a customer based out of US. As part of the product design, e-con also completed the Industrial/Mechanical Design hence offering end-end product design services to original equipment manufacturers. The digital picture frame can download pictures from the web through Wi-Fi or Ethernet and perform various slide showing techniques with MP3/WMV music. It supports wide array of internal storage cards such as SD/MMC/XD/CF/MS/MSPro/SDHC/USB for image/video/audio files storage. It can transfer files to/from mobiles phones through bluetooth. The digital picture frame runs Flashlite 3.0 on top of the Windows CE 5.0 operating system. This can also play audio/video from iPod and function as an iPod accessory.


About RMI1250:

The AlchemyTM Au1250TM is the latest media processor from Raza Microelectronics, Inc. (www.razamicroelectronics.com) that extends the strengths of the existing Alchemy processors into a broad range of digital media applications. The Au1250 processor is pin- and software- compatible with the existing RMI Alchemy™ Au1200™ processor's sockets and leverages the Au1200 processor's success in Portable Media Players (PMPs), Automotive Infotainment and Digital Media Adapters (DMAs), by providing significantly increased performance while improving its power optimized advantages associated with the Alchemy processor family


February 9th, 2008- e-con Slashes prices for Windows CE 6.0 BSP for PXA270 Development Kit SIRIUS


e-con Systems Inc., Embedded Design Services company, based out of Chennai, and offices in St. Louis, USA has announced price reductions on Windows CE 6.0 BSP for its PXA270 Development Kit SIRIUS.


Windows CE BSP for SIRIUS along with the source code was available for US $ 2499 and e-con has slashed this price by 20%. "Windows CE 6.0 has been widely adopted by everyone and hence the support requests from the customer on the Windows CE BSP have come down and we would like to pass this cost saving on to the customers" quoted Ashok Babu, President, e-con Systems.


February 5th, 2008 - e-con Systems licenses e-CAM (Camera technology for Plug and Play Camera Module) to DRS Data Services


e-con Systems has licensed the complete Windows CE stack for camera modules to DRS Data Services, A DRS group company based out of UK, which will power the next generation data capture device manufcatured by DRS. e-CAM having Omni Vision 1.3 MP fixed focus camera OV9653 was a suitable choice for DRS for the automated data capture. Sophisticated lens tweaking was also done by e-con to support the customer.


Part of the DRS Group, The DRS DATA Services specializes in providing automated data capture technology and solutions to education, government, financial and commercial organizations all over the world primarily for Education administration and examination processing, Census projects, Voter registration and ballot counting, financial document management and processing, complex survey work and high profile and mission critical projects. The DRS Group has a unique combination of skills - in products, services and importantly people. DRS Data & Research Services plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the FTSE classification Software and Computer Services. For details please visit www.drs.co.uk


January 12th, 2008 - e-con Systems announces e-CAM's availability with 2 MegaPixel Autofocus sensor.


Adding to it's existing line of Camera Solutions, e-con announced the availability of 2Megapixel camera sensor with e-CAM - the widely known Plug and Play camera solution for PXAxxx Platforms. e-con Systems had earlier announced its 1.3 Megapixel camera solution for fixed focus applications such as 1D and 2D bar code capture solutions.
The 2 Megapixel autofocus shall be for high volume customers who are interested in still image capture and Video recording applications. The sensor features exceptionally low noise levels and low-light sensitivity. It achieves superior resolution—delivering CCD image quality (based on SNR and low-light sensitivity)—along with the low cost, low power, high performance, small form factor, and fast time-to-market of CMOS. The capture range shall be from a distance of 10cm to infinity.   ecam2mpautofocus
About e-CAM :

e-CAM, the flagship product from e-con Systems is a Plug and Play camera module available with Windows CE 5.0/6.0 and Linux driver support, which can be used with any of the PXA Development Systems. e-CAM has been integrated with e-con's PXA270 development platform Sirius and also with Triton SK3 and Triton SK4. Customers have licensed the e-CAM software from e-con Systems and have used it in their products.
About e-con Systems :

e-con Systems is an embedded product development services company focused on end-end product development. e-con Systems has expertise in mobile processors such has PXA270, PXA320, AU1250 and has been using its product engineering services to help customers on development of products such as digital picture frames, point of sale terminals, handheld single board computers etc.Besides this, e-con provides systems integration services such as Windows CE or Linux BSP porting solutions and device driver development. Also e-con's design services have been used by customers across the globe for hardware design of their products.
Primarily offering services as below:

Firmware design and development
Linux, WinCE/Windows Mobile and VxWorks Board Support Packages
Device Drivers for Windows, Linux, WinCE/Windows Mobile and VxWorks
DSP Firmware on TI/ADI DSP's
Application development
Hardware and PCB Design
Board Bring up
Manufacturing support
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