Improving warehouse automation through stereo vision camera for a
leading Europe-based autonomous mobile robots manufacturer

Warehouse automation is evolving rapidly with an aim to improve productivity and reduce costs. One of the key challenges faced in warehouses is to do this efficiently at lower labor and facility costs. To achieve this, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) are employed. These robots minimize the workforce required to carry out various tasks and work 24/7 at a constant speed. This helps in better time utilization and reduce dependency on human labor.

For tasks such as reading the barcode to identify the right rack or the box and carrying the boxes/parcels from one place to the other within the warehouse, AMRs need to observe the surroundings, find obstacles, map the warehouse and analyze the depth of objects which require stereo vision. This case study talks about how we seamlessly integrated e-con systems™ stereo cameras into warehouse robots of one of our clients.
Warehouse Automation Case Study Dem

About the client

The client was a leading autonomous mobile robots manufacturer for warehouse automation based in Europe.

Key Challenges and customer expectations

For depth mapping capabilities, this application demanded synchronization of cameras for which stereo vision is recommended. The client was also looking for a 3D camera for depth measurement and obstacle detection. Also, the client's AMRs needed depth accuracy to be in a specific range. The application also required the robots to read barcodes to identify the right rack or box even while they are in motion. All of these required using the right camera to capture images with almost zero motion blur, for which a global shutter camera was recommended by e-consystems. One of the other key requirements was to use a visual SLAM algorithm for easy localization and mapping.

High Depth accuracy within a specific range

High Depth accuracy
within a specific range

3D Stereo Vision

3D Stereo

Zero motion blur

Zero motion

Visual SLAM algorithm

Visual SLAM

Why we selected STEEReoCAM™?

We selected STEEReoCAM™, a 2MP 3D MIPI Stereo camera with Omni vision 1/2.9" OV2311 global shutter sensor for NVIDIA® Jetson platforms. This stereo vision camera was used for depth measurement and obstacle detection. The camera provided 3D depth mapping at 2MP resolution @ 30fps on Nvidia Jetson Xavier which helped to achieve high levels of depth accuracy. The global shutter sensor facilitated reading of barcodes with precision thereby making object detection easy and accurate. Also, this camera is bundled with e-con's proprietary CUDA® accelerated Stereo SDK that runs on the GPU of NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier processors.


How e-con Systems™ delivered a hassle-free solution

We had STEEReoCAM™ available off-the-shelf and readily integrated with the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier platform with a base length of 10cm over MIPI CSI-2 interface. It's a frame synchronized stereo vision camera specifically designed for 3D depth mapping. The ready to deploy camera, driver and CUDA accelerated depth matching algorithm allowed the customer to do the field testing in no time. After evaluation, our customer wanted a different range of camera base length (Distance between the two stereo vision Sensor). So, we customized the camera hardware to fit the customer's requirements. Post this, we started developing the SLAM algorithm and fine-tuning STEEReoCAM™ on the Xavier platform. We integrated the OEM part of the STEEReoCAM™ into the robot and customized the camera to suit the customer depth requirement. We also helped with the overall design of the product and conducted testing to ensure the long-term functioning of the camera modules.

Business benefits

This stereo camera with its synchronization capabilities produced high resolution and high quality images in real-time. It helped in accurately identifying objects by capturing images with a motion blur of close to zero. Leveraging our camera to incorporate vision in the client’s AMRs helped them automate many warehouse tasks which in turn resulted in improved productivity and reduced cost.

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