Improving real-time threat detection using smart camera solutions for a top US-based surveillance system manufacturer

e-con Systems built a smart camera solution with a sensor and a processor for a US-based provider of edge-based security and monitoring solutions. We helped deliver a real-time surveillance system - packed into a single powerful unit - that could operate with a lesser amount of workforce than ever before. The client could leverage smart surveillance on the edge by running vision algorithms and detecting threats like physical intrusion by a person or a vehicle in real-time.
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About the client

The US-based client was an experienced provider of security and monitoring solutions for large public spaces. Their software platform also delivers real-time alert notifications. The client has been helping customers across the world to alleviate the large installation costs of traditional surveillance systems.

Key Challenges and customer's expectations

The client's primary requirement was to run vision algorithms on the camera to detect threats and act on them in real-time. Hence, they were very particular about the camera's duality. It must act as a traditional network surveillance camera that can send the video over the network to a cloud server while performing as an on-board smart surveillance camera.

However, the latter was an add-on feature only to be included in their cameras' premium versions. Besides surveillance, a need for wide dynamic range and wide-angle lenses posed challenges. There were also issues concerning the type of module integrated with the selected processor.

Some of the client's specific requirements were:

  • HDR for wide luminance levels
  • Super wide-angle, with less distortion
  • Sensitive to visible light and infrared light
  • Easy to integrate with intelligent AI analytics for image processing

Selection of the camera module

For e-con Systems, e-CAM20_CU0230_MOD was a no-brainer, considering the module’s exceptional HDR performance and high image quality - perfect for the smart surveillance camera function. This off-the-shelf module came with a customized lens option and a wide FOV lens that could be easily fitted into the camera. It also had extensive support for NVIDIA and iMX series of processors with readily available production quality drivers optimized for performance and quality.

Some of the client's specific requirements were:

  • Excellent images under visible and NIR light spectrum
  • Completely dust and waterproof
  • Auto white balance and exposure
  • Wide temperature range (-40°C to 105°C)

How e-con Systems™ delivered a hassle-free solution

The e-CAM20_CU0230_MOD module was used as an OEM camera module while the client had designed the smart camera board. The highly skilled team at e-con Systems helped finetune the ISP at a granular level to meet the client’s unique low light and NIR requirements. We also reviewed their hardware design and layout to accelerate product development.

We integrated NVIDIA Jetson TX2 with the camera drivers and the required software to capture, encode, and stream over a network while forking the stream for vision processing.

Business benefits

  • Off-the-shelf camera solution – cutting down the product development time by half
  • Ease of installation – both standard and premium versions of the camera
  • Accurate data for real-time detection of threats
  • Digital transformation from human-based surveillance to a fully automated surveillance system

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