Automating quality inspection in real-time for a top Korean manufacturer of sealing and inspection systems

e-con Systems equipped a leading Korea-based manufacturer of sealant and visual inspection equipment with a vision-based system to deliver defect-free products. With the right blend of features, they were able to inspect their products in real-time, despite the harsh industrial environment. We also provided top-notch customization services for effortless integration.
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About the client

The client, based in Korea, provides complete solutions that span technical review, manufacturing, delivery, local installation, and tryout for sealant equipment, and visual inspection systems. They also have global footprints across US, Japan, and some parts of Europe.

Key Challenges and customer's expectations

The client’s primary expectation was a vision-based quality inspection system to automatically capture and detect product defects in real-time on the edge. But they were not in favor of using expensive machine vision cameras. They also wanted to improve workforce safety by automating quality inspection in harsh working conditions.

While e-con Systems has significant experience in creating cost-efficient, automated quality inspection solutions, there were industry-related challenges that stood in the way.

Some of the challenges included:

Size of surface: The material surfaces of products for which defects had to be detected were considerably large-sized.

Quality assurance: Uncompromisingly high level of quality, which meant even detecting minor defects on the surface

Movement during detection: The cameras had to be placed on a moving robotic arm for a quick inspection of products. Images had to be captured with close to zero motion blur

Selection of the camera module

Multiple cameras were required considering the material's size and shape, and the movement of the robotic arm on which each camera had to be placed. Hence, our camera module selection was based on the ease and effectiveness with which multiple cameras could synchronously capture images.

e-CAM55_CUMI0521_MOD was the perfect match since its large pixel size could capture superior-quality images with low exposure time. It came equipped with ON Semiconductor's AR0521, a 1/2.5" image sensor with 2.2μm pixel size, and a powerful onboard image signal processor for exact color reproduction.

Powered by real-time edge processing algorithms, this off-the-shelf module enabled all the images from multiple cameras to be captured in the exact same instance and processed accordingly.

How e-con Systems™ delivered a hassle-free solution

We believe in going the extra mile during the first step. It’s why we practically validated the e-CAM55_CUMI0521_MOD module before working on the end solution.

Using our own USB camera See3CAM_CU55, we captured images of relevant material surfaces and handed them to the client for evaluation, along with the algorithm. Upon validation, we started custom-designing a synchronous setup of six e-CAM55_CUMI0521_MOD modules. Connected to the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 board over a MIPI interface, its algorithm could instantly process high-quality images in memory.

To support the long-distance cabling, we used GMSL coaxial cables between the host and cameras. Since e-con Systems was one of the earliest adopters of GMSL technology, we knew what it took to carry high-speed video, bidirectional control data, and power over a single coaxial cable. It helped us achieve synchronization and low latency on the image pipeline from the multi-camera setup for the client.

The client could navigate past challenges like harsh environments, unpredictable lighting conditions, and motion blur by ensuring:

  • Support for various image quality controls
  • Excellent image quality in challenging lighting conditions
  • Low exposure time to eliminate any chance of motion blur

Business benefits

  • Automation of the manufacturing unit – leading to lower risks, higher cost savings, and smoother operations
  • Improved staff safety by eliminating the need to manually conduct quality inspection
  • Better working hours and reduction of repetitive manual tasks – leading to increased workforce efficiency
  • Elimination of costly human errors with better inspection accuracy

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