Make Your Industrial Rugged Handhelds Tablets Smarter

Industrial tablets / Rugged Handhelds are required for data collection, processing and communication in an industrial environment. With the advancement in mobile technology and sensors, Industrial Handhelds are also evolving rapidly. Integration of camera sensors in these handheld devices serves multiple purposes like Bar Code Scanning, OCR and Image capture for documentation purposes.

Industrial Rugged Handhelds

Key imaging requirements

High resolution


Perfect colour reproduction

Perfect colour

All lighting conditions

All lighting

Sharp images at different distances

Sharp images at
different distances

Auto focus


Industrial Rugged Tablets Case Study

How e-con Systems™ transformed a client's existing line of industrial tablets with analytics-led vision power

What e-con Systems™ offers

e-con Systems™ offers high performance MIPI CSI-2 cameras with an autofocus lens assembly for your industrial tablet. These smartphone type camera modules also come with an external ISP which has optimized settings for a typical use cases. With Autofocus, Auto Exposure and Auto White Balance feature these modules are a perfect fit for rugged handheld and tablets.

The key features of e-con Systems™' offerings are

  • Small Form Factor
  • Linux and Android Driver/HAL Support
  • Support for NXP iMX6, iMX8, Rockchip processors

Explore our industrial markets

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Leverage e-con Systems™ Stereo Vision technology and HDR cameras to enable your Warehouse Robots perform Autonomous navigation, Obstacle detection, visual SLAM and much more functionalities.

Quality Control Inspection

Perform accurate, fast and repeatable quality inspection in the manufacturing line with our high quality, customizable camera modules and solutions.

Fleet Management

Manage your fleet by analyzing real time video feed from multiple synchronized cameras within and around your vehicle.