Empowering a top Norwegian fish farming solution provider with a high-performance underwater camera system

e-con Systems helped a leading Norway-based fish farming solution provider enhance their underwater monitoring equipment. The equipment was used to maintain sensitive marine ecosystems. We provided them with a best-in-class USB 3.0 camera module, integrated with a GMSL cable, to guarantee great performance in underwater conditions.
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About the client

The client is a top Norwegian marine solutions provider using a Machine Vision-powered approach to deliver cutting-edge aquaculture and fish solutions. Their raw material supplier network comprises global leaders in their respective fields.

Key Challenges and customer's expectations

The client required a combination of a high-end camera module and a processing system so that they can capture images in real-time while processing the images for better decision-making. It should be equipped to deliver data-driven insights on marine life population, growth, species count, density, water pollutants, etc. and mark vulnerable or secure areas.

Some of the challenges included:

High-quality underwater images

Fitment within the mechanical enclosure for underwater implementation

Seamless connectivity between the host system and the camera solution (with customized controls to change parameters)

Selection of the camera module

e-con Systems selected the See3CAM_CU55 camera module that came with an On Semiconductor® AR0521 sensor and a 2.2μm pixel size. Its powerful onboard ISP was perfect for capturing underwater images. Plus, the camera module had the output capacity of optimal uncompressed YUV422 image streams for faster processing.

Since the processing was both underwater and above the surface, there was a twin need for waterproofing and integrating a best-fit cable to connect the camera and the host system.

How e-con Systems™ delivered a hassle-free solution

e-con Systems implemented the solution with an off-the-shelf USB 3.1 Gen1 camera compatible with Linux and Windows OS. The client designed an underwater enclosure as well as vision and AI algorithms for real-time fish monitoring while we provided a 5-meter USB 3 cable.

Other system highlights included:

Business benefits

  • Off-the-shelf camera solution seamlessly integrated into the customer product – rapid time-to-market
  • Implementation cost savings - without needing any additional drivers, complicated dust-proof testing, or expensive enclosure fitment
  • Seamless monitoring of autonomous fish farming activities
  • Easier to manage tank conditions, water quality, fish health with real-time image processing

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