eSOMiMX7 and Acacia Hardware and Software Developer Resources

iMX7 Camera Board - Acacia is a dual Board solution that features eSOMiMX7 System on Module & carrier board. iMX7 camera Board runs Linux. Read more about the features of Acacia »
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  •  Bullat Arrow  Data Sheet :

    •  pdf  eSOMiMX7 Datasheet

  •  Bullat Arrow  User Manual :

    •  pdf  Acacia Hardware User Manual
    •  pdf  Acacia Linux Getting Started Manual
    •  pdf  eSOMiMX7 Carrier Board Design Guide
    •  pdf  eSOMiMX7 PinMux
  •  Bullat Arrow  Linux :

    Linux User Manuals

    •  pdf  Linux Yocto BSP Build Guide
    •  pdf  Linux Yocto BSP Prebuilt Binaries
                      Usage Manual
    •  pdf  Linux BSP User Manual
Download Selected Documents