Leveraging AI-led vision to help a US-based leading provider of fuel dispensers build digital signages

e-con Systems empowered a US-based leading provider of fuel dispensing equipment solutions with the perfect camera to smarten their interactive digital signages.

About the client

Based in the US, the client is a global leader in delivering advanced fuel dispensing

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equipment, electronic systems and payment, and wetstock management solutions. Their manufacturing and technology development presence extends around the world.

Key Challenges and customer's expectations

The customer required a next-generation, interactive fueling kiosk which could function – unmanned - without any human presence. One of the challenges was that the camera system needed the AI power to work with facial analysis technology like biometric facial identifiers to identify customers. It was crucial to provide information or advertising based on customer emotions and behavior.

Another challenge was ensuring operability in outdoor environments. It had to be aligned to meet lighting and other imaging aspects related to different weather patterns.

Some of the client's unique requirements were:

  • Ability to operate in a wide operating temperature range
  • High resolution - 1080p with YUV format
  • Easy to integrate with AI algorithms for facial recognition

Selection of the camera module

e-con Systems selected See3CAM_CU20, a 2 MP HDR camera that came with a wide operating temperature range (-40°C to 85°C). It also had a wide vertical FOV to recognize people up to 30-feet distance and deliver personalized user experiences, including promos.

With a high dynamic range and controls for auto white balance and exposure control, it was perfect for outdoor lighting conditions. We also completed the pre-compliance emission testing processes and helped clear FCC certifications.

How e-con Systems™ delivered a hassle-free solution

e-con Systems had to think out of the box since we had to achieve a coverage of 2 to 8-feet with a 2-feet working distance. Hence, we mechanically placed the camera by rotating it 90-degrees to get the full FOV on the vertical side before rotating the image at a 90-degree angle in the application. We also implemented the lens focus to a hyperfocal length that provided higher image sharpness at 30 feet. Our gluing method to fix the lens helped avoid any vibration-related misalignment. In the end, we met their expectations by:

  • Providing wider FOV that eliminated any chance of image blur
  • Enabling quick integration to AI algorithms for anomaly detection

Business benefits

  • Quicker timeframes and full support – from design to development and production
  • Superior image sharpness while capturing images of materials on the conveyor
  • Seamless customer experience in unattended kiosks
  • Fully certified to stay compliant with industry regulations

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