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e-CAM40_CUMI4682_MOD - 4 MP OV4682 RGB IR Camera Module

The e-CAM40_CUMI4682_MOD is a 4 MP RAW RGB-IR MIPI OV4682 camera module with the M12 S-mount lens holder. The e-CAM40_CUMI4682_MOD RGB IR camera module is based on OmniVision's OV4682 1/3" Optical format CMOS Image sensor, that captures high-resolution images and videos as well as IR information. Its dual RGB-IR Camera capabilities allow it to bring a host of additional features to machine vision applications and by combining RGB - IR in a single camera module reduces the total cost and saves space.

Customers can evaluate e-CAM40_CUMI4682_MOD with See3CAM_CU40 over USB 3.0 interface and e-CAM40_CUTK1 over MIPI interface. e-CAM40_CUMI4682_MOD camera module can stream the 4MP(2688x1520) unprocessed 10-bit RAW data video upto 40 fps. Also read OV4682 RGB IR camera module frequently asked questions.

Key Features of OV4682 RGB + IR Camera Module

  • Omnivision OV4682 RGB IR - 1/3" Optical format CMOS Image sensor
  • Fixed focus, S-Mount(M12P0.5) holder for Interchangable lens
  • Maximum Image Transfer Rate
  • See3CAM_CU40 - USB 3 Interface
    For PC solution
    e-CAM40_CUTK1 - MIPI Interface
    For NVIDIA Jetson TK1
    VGA 300 fps 330fps
    HD (720p) 90 fps 180 fps
    Full HD (1080p) 40 fps 120 fps
    4MP (2688x1520) 14 fps 40fps
  • Output Format - Unprocessed RGB-IR pixel data at 10bits per pixel
  • View Angle - It depends on the lens used
  • Temperature Range
    1. Operation - -30°C to 85°C
    2. Stable Image - 0°C to 60°C
  • Flexibility to choose a lens as per application requirements
  • Module Size - 30 mm x 30 mm. Height depends on the Lens
  • RoHS Compliant

Sensor:OV4682 RGB IR - 1/3" Optical format CMOS Image sensor


Sensor type:10 bit RGB-IR

Pixel size:2 µm x 2 µm

Sensor Active Area:2688H x 1520V

Responsivity:1.9 V/lux-sec

SNR:38.3 dB

Dynamic Range:64.6 dB

Shutter Type:Electronic Rolling Shutter

Controls:Brightness & Manual Exposure

OV4682 RGB-IR Camera Module - Targeted Applications:

  • Mobile and Machine Vision applications
  • Gesture Sensing
  • Depth Analysis
  • Iris Detection and Tracking
  • Surveillance Applications (Day light and Infrared Night vision)

Download OV4682 RGB+IR Camera Module - e-CAM40_CUMI4682_MOD Documents:

pdf e-CAM40_CUMI4682_MOD - 4.0 MP OV4682 Camera Module (Data sheet)

Download Evaluation kit (See3CAM_CU40) Documents:

pdf See3CAM_CU40 - 4MP Custom Lens USB 3.0 Camera Board

Download Evaluation Kit (e-CAM40_CUTK1) Documents:

pdf e-CAM40_CUTK1 - 4MP Custom Lens MIPI Camera Board (Requires NVIDIA Jetson DevKit)

OV4682 RGB + IR Camera Module Evaluation Kit:

Customers choosing to evaluate the e-CAM40_CUMI4682_MOD (OV4682 Module), can purchase any one of the following Camera boards

1. PC Solution

See3CAM_CU40 - 4MP USB 3.0 Camera:

The USB 3.0 Camera Board (See3CAM_CU40) can be bought by customers choosing to evaluate the e-CAM40_CUMI4682_MOD camera solution on your product.

4MP color RAW RGB-IR USB 3.0 camera
Buy Linux USB Camera online

Excluding Shipment Charges

In addition to See3CAM_CU40, the evaluation kit comes with e-CAMView (Windows) - Sample application for Video Preview and Still Capture (for Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1) or QtCAM - sample application for video preview and still capture along with source code (for Linux) and support for 4 weeks.

2a. ARM Based Solution (NVIDIA Tegra K1)

ACC-TK1-CUMI4682CAM - 4MP MIPI Camera Board (Requires Propus kit)

The daughter card (ACC-TK1-CUMI4682CAM) can be bought by customers choosing to evaluate the
e-CAM40_CUMI4682_MOD camera solution with a direct interface on Propus.

Read more about Propus - Tegra K1 Development Board solution that features eSOMTK1 - computer on module & carrier board.

MIPI Camera for Jetson TK1
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Excluding Shipment Charges

2b. ARM Based Solution (NVIDIA Tegra K1 based Jetson DevKit)

e-CAM40_CUTK1 - 4MP MIPI Camera Board (Requires NVIDIA Tegra K1 based Jetson DevKit)

The MIPI Camera daughter card (e-CAM40_CUTK1) can be bought by customers choosing to evaluate the e-CAM40_CUMI4682_MOD camera solution with a direct interface on the NVIDIA Tegra K1 based Jetson DevKit.

MIPI Camera for Jetson TK1
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Excluding Shipment Charges

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