eSOMgears OTA Solution

eSOMgears - Over-the-Air Firmware Upgrade Solution
OTA Solution for Embedded Linux & Android Devices

e-con Systems proudly presents the eSOMgears Suite. Now in the first release, we have introduced eSOMgears-OTA, the firmware upgrade solution that provides reliable & secure upgrades to your embedded devices, over-the-air. Using cloud technology, eSOMgears remotely connects to the devices and updates the required firmware. Soon, we are coming up with eSOMgears-Monitor for health monitoring of devices and also eSOMgears-Manage for remote provisioning and management of devices.

When thousands of devices are built, shipped and deployed in the field, regularly updating the firmware has become a necessity. eSOMgears is a robust value-added service to the customers who have built their products based on e-con's System-on-Modules (SOMs). Supports both Linux & Android.

eSOMgears Cloud OTA Solution


✔   Software-as-Service SaaS Model

USB Storage

USB Storage

✔   Support for upgrade over USB as well
Delta Change

Downloads Delta Change

✔   Saves Bandwidth & Time


✔   Robust & Reliable
Downgrade or Upgrade

Downgrade or Upgrade

✔   Both Downgrade & Upgrade to different versions possible
Avoid Dead Brick

Avoids Dead Brick

✔   Never hangs in the middle of an upgrade
Roll Back

Roll Back

✔   Roll back to the previous version in case of failure
Central Server

Control from Server

✔   Complete Log information in one central place

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