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e-CAM51_USB - 5 MP OEM USB Camera Module

USB camera module e-CAM51_USB - 5MP auto focus USB board camera is based on OV5640 CMOS sensor.

This high speed USB Camera Board is fully compliant with USB Video Class (UVC) 1.0 Standard, the USB Audio Class 1.0 Standard. So video streaming through UVC and audio streaming through UAC is possible without any special drivers on Operating Systems that have built-in support for these UVC and UAC standards. e-CAM51_USB, USB 2.0 UVC Camera Module enables 5MP still image capturing along with the 720p video streaming capability.

Customer Speaks:

We have purchased several cameras. They are high in quality and structure. Read More..

- Asaf Cohen, Senior buyer, Purchasing Department, Unitronics

  • Houses e-CAM52A_5640_MOD - 5.0 MP Auto Focus Camera Module
  • Plug-and-Play setup (UVC and UAC compliant)
  • Built-in microphone with 16 bit PCM support
  • 4 General purpose pins
    1. User Configurable GPIOs (1 Input and 1 Output)
    2. 1 External hardware trigger for still capture
    3. 1 Predefined GPIO input for Flip/Mirror
  • Frame Rate**
    VGA 30 fps 30 fps
    HD (720p) 7.5 fps 30 fps
    QXGA (3M) 2 fps 15 fps
    QSXGA (5M) 2 fps 15 fps
  • Temperature Range - 0° to +50°C Stable image***
  • Operating Voltage - 5V ± 250mV)
  • Power requirements - 400 mA (max)
  • Supported OS - Windows 10 *, Windows 8, Windows 7 & Linux
  • Lightweight, versatile, and portable design
  • ROHS compliant
  • Size in mm (lxbxh) - 71 x 13 x 7.8
  • Weight - 4.5 Grams (with module)
  • * - "Windows 10 Anniversary edition" is now supported only after Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607. For more information on the issue, read our blog - Video Capture Issues with Windows 10 Anniversary edition
  • ** Frame rates are subject to change depending upon lighting conditions
    ** Noticeable difference in image quality found when extended over this range

Sensor Features:

Sensor:OmniVision OV5640 image sensor

NIR:Optional*** – With and without IR filter available

Focus Type:Auto Focus

View Angle:60 ° Diagonal

Output Format:YUV4:2:2,YCbCr422 and compression

Object Distance:100mm to Infinity

Effective Focal Length:3.42 mm

Max S/N ratio:36 dB

Lens Size:Optical Size of 1/4

Module Size:8.5mm x 8.5mm x 5.15mm

Dynamic Range:68 dB

*** - e-CAM51_USB is with IR. e-CAM51_USB_NIRFS is without IR Filter can be purchased directly from our webstore

Download e-CAM51_USB - Technical Documents:


pdf  e-CAM51_USB Module Datasheet

   User Manual

pdf  Hardware User Manual

   Windows User Manual

pdf  e-CAMView Installation Guide

pdf  e-CAMView Application User Manual

   Linux User Manual

pdf  Linux Build & Installation Guide

pdf  Linux Application User Manual

Download e-CAM51_USB Documents

Ordering Info:

Customers who own platforms that support USB 2.0 highspeed and are interested in evaluating the 5.0 mega pixel USB camera module can directly buy the e-CAM51_USB from e-con Systems.

Part No Description Sample Price
Volume Price
(5000s Pack)
e-CAM51A_USB 5.0 MP HD USB Camera Board US$89
US$35 buy online
e-CAM51_USB_NIRFS 5.0 MP HD USB Camera Board (without IR filter) US$79

(MOQ: 1 Unit)

US$35 buy online

e-CAM51A_USB-5.0 MP HD USB Camera Board

Sample Price- US$89

Volume Price(5000s Pack)-US$35

buy online

e-CAM51_USB_NIRFS-5.0 MP HD USB Camera Board (without IR filter)

Sample Price-US$79
(MOQ: 1 Unit)

Volume Price(5000s Pack)-US$35

buy online


In addition to e-CAM51_USB - USB camera module, the evaluation kit comes with e-CAMView (Windows) / eCAMGUVCView (Linux) - Sample application for Video Preview and Still Capture along with the UVC Extension features such as AF Trigger, Manual focus GPIO toggling etc. (for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 * & Linux) and support for 4 weeks. For more details, please refer the evaluation kit contents below.

For all enquiries please write to

Kit Contents:

High Speed USB Camera kit contents

e-CAM51_USB Customization

  • Do you want a smaller form factor?
  • Do you want LED?
  • Do you want other customization options?

High speed USB Camera module Customization


US$35 onwards
Buy eCAM51_USB

Excluding Shipment Charges

Part Number Change Notification

e-CAM51_USB changed to e-CAM51A_USB

Read More..  

Targeted Applications

»  Interactive Education & Meeting

»  Document camera visualisers

»  Optical Character Recognition(OCR)

»  Scientific Research

»  Telemedicine / Health

»  Biometrics

»  Robotics