Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Sensor :

1. What are the unique features of STURDeCAM31?

STURDeCAM31 offers a wide range of impressive features including:

  • Exceptional 120dB HDR without motion artifacts + LED Flicker Mitigation (LFM).
  • IP69K-rated camera designed for automotive mobility.
  • Incorporates advanced Sub-pixel technology of sensor.
  • Equipped with the Camera streaming resilience feature.

To learn more and make a purchase, please visit our product page.

2. What sensor does this product use?

STURDeCAM31 is based on the ISX031, a 3MP automotive-grade sensor from Sony®.

3. What is so unique about the ISX031 sensor?

The Sony® ISX031 is an automotive-grade sensor with sub-pixel technology designed specifically for autonomous mobility and related applications.

4. What type of shutter does the sensor have?

The sensor features an electronic rolling shutter.

Lens :

5. What are the lens options available with the camera?

The STURDeCAM31 is available with two lens options including narrow angle 70deg DFOV and wide angle 170deg DFOV. Also, we can support any lens options based on request. Contact for customization.

6. Can I have a different lens option?

The lenses are chosen after considering various parameters including the IP69K rating. Please contact with your customization requirements.

7. I need a different lens to cover a wider FOV (Field of view). How to do it?

The camera features an M12 lens holder, allowing you to use any standard S-mount lens (M12 x 0.5) with the default lens holder. Please write to for lens suggestions.

To learn the best practices for choosing an M12 lens for your end applications, please check out our article Ultimate Step-by-step Guide to choosing an M12 lens for your embedded camera application.

Product Features & Testing :

8. Can I use the STURDeCAM31 product in low-light conditions?

The product is designed to perform well in varying lighting conditions, including darker areas of the scene.

9. What does the IP69K rating mean?

IP69K rating of the camera shows that the product is tested and certified for dust-tight with protection against close-range high pressure, and high temperature spray downs.

10. Does STURDeCAM31 support IP67/IP68 ratings?

Currently, this camera supports only IP69K. For IP67/ IP68, please write to

IP 6 Dust tight. No Ingress of dust.
  9k Protected against close-range high-pressure, high-temperature spray downs

11. Can I purchase the product without an enclosure?

Yes, you can get the product without enclosure (without IP69K rating) based on request. Please contact for more details.

12. Can I use STURDeCAM31 as an underwater camera?

The STURDeCAM31 is an IP69K-rated camera tested for automotive mobility. This IP69K rating is applicable for protection against close-range high-pressure, high-temperature spray downs up to 15 meters. For additional requirements, please contact us at

13. How is the product suitable for automotive applications?

The camera is designed and tested under various conditions to make it a best fit for automotive applications.

14. What is the sub-pixel technology used in Sony's ISX031 sensor, and how does it contribute to the STURDeCAM31's ability to capture high-quality images?

Sony's ISX031 sensor incorporates sub-pixel technology which uses two different pixels namely large and small pixels for darker and brighter areas respectively. STURDeCAM31 with this sensor technology enables clear imaging without motion blur. To learn more about sub-pixel technology : visit Everything you need to know about split-pixel HDR technology blog.

15. What does the camera streaming resilience feature mean?

The camera streaming resilience feature ensures the continuous monitoring of essential components like the sensor, MCU, and GMSL link, addressing disruptions during streaming for stable, reliable video feed, even in challenging conditions.

Interface :

16. What interface does the camera use to connect?

STURDeCAM31 is based on the GMSL2 interface.

17. Is this camera available with other interfaces?

Yes, the camera is available in other interfaces including USB, MIPI, and FPD LINK III along GMSL2.

18. What type of cable does this camera use?

STURDeCAM31 features a GMSL cable with a FAKRA connector to ensure its ruggedness.

19. What is the maximum cable length supported by the GMSL camera?

The product comes with a default 3m coaxial cable with the FAKRA connector. It is also available in a 15m cable option. To request the 15m option, please reach out to

Platforms :

20. How can I evaluate this camera?

STURDeCAM31_CUOAGX is a synchronized solution that can be evaluated using NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin. It is available in multi-camera options which can be chosen from the Webstore based on your requirement. To know further about the cameras-deserializer board- Jetson AGX Orin™ development kit setup & connections, please refer to the Getting Started manual which can be downloaded from the Developer Resources website.

21. What are all the other platforms or carrier boards to which this camera can be connected?

The camera is compatible with NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin by default. We have readily available hardware support for all other boards and can provide the complete setup upon request.

22. Can I get the support for Orin NX?

Yes. The hardware setup for Orin NX is readily available with us and complete support can be provided on request. Please write to us at to raise the request.

23. Can this camera support the Qualcomm RB5 dev kit?

Currently, we have the hardware support for the Qualcomm RB5 dev kit. We are working on the software part, please contact for more details.

24. Does this camera have an in-built ISP?

The product has an in-built ISP, as a part of the ISX031 sensor which is being used in the product.

25. How many cameras can be synchronized for multi-camera support?

You can connect and synchronize up to 8 STURDeCAM31 cameras for multi-camera support.

Software :

26. Does STURDeCAM31_CUOAGX camera support OpenCV?

STURDeCAM31_CUOAGX works using V4L2 APIs and is V4L2 compliant. So, any V4L2 based application can be used to access this camera.

Please refer to Accessing Cameras in OpenCV with High Performance article for detailed information about OpenCV support in e-con Systems cameras.

27. How can I get the updated package?

After purchase, please login to the Developer Resources website using the credentials that you will receive via email and download the latest release package

Key Customizations :

28. I have an application that requires finetuning of the on-camera ISP specific to the use case. Will e-con support this?

Yes. e-con will support any finetuning required on the camera image quality to meet your specifications. ISP tuning is one of e-con's key areas of expertise. Our ISP tuning capabilities have helped us win numerous deals against some of our top competitors.

29. Is the product manufactured with active-alignment technique?

Active alignment is incorporated as part of the customization process for mass production of the product, utilizing e-con Systems' complete active-alignment machine setup.

30. Why should I go with active alignment?

Active alignment ensures that each camera module achieves precise alignment during assembly, ultimately enhancing the imaging experience and satisfying the demands of various applications.