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Join us for an interactive webinar with our partner Toradex!

Get Started with MIPI-CSI Cameras for Embedded Computer Vision
Date October 16, 2020
Speakers Yogaesh Tawker, Tech Lead - Camera solutions, e-con Systems
André Curvello, FAE & Technical Evangelist, Toradex
Language English

We're so much excited to show you how the collaboration between e-con Systems and Toradex simplifies the integration of cameras in your products and how promising it would be for both, hardware and software!

The progression of Computer Vision algorithms is empowering great-leap-forward use cases. Cameras can now be tightly integrated into an embedded system, as interfaces such as Ethernet and USB are too bulky and add a layer of complexity. So the most direct way to connect a modern Camera Sensor is via the MIPI CSI-2.

We'll show an out-of-the-box experience to your first simple OpenCV program and we bet you'll gain amazing tips and tricks along the way. And we're not going to stop it that way! We also explain the perfect way and prominent features to consider when selecting a camera.

The key takeaways you gonna get!

  • Experience how to go from zero to your first OpenCV program with MIPI CSI cameras
  • Understand how simple e-con Systems cameras are enabled in Toradex's embedded Linux offerings
  • Learn what an ISP is and how to select Camera modules for your next project
  • Discover how the NXP i.MX 8QuadMax and NXP i.MX 8M Mini SoMs accelerate product development

Get your questions answered live from experts at e-con Systems and Toradex.

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