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Uncover the mysterious intricacies of embedded vision technology as we sit down with Suresh Madhu, Head of Product Marketing at e-con Systems. Suresh is a seasoned vet with more than 16 years of experience in embedded product design and product development. Through our engaging conversation, Suresh throws light on the evolution of this technology, from the humble beginnings with mobile phone cameras to the development of applications as sophisticated as autonomous vehicles. Discover how cutting-edge trends like edge computing and sensor fusion are shaping industries and enhancing the accuracy and sophistication of applications.

As we delve deeper, we get to explore a wide array of topical issues. Suresh shares his insights on the unique challenges industries face when implementing embedded vision solutions, from cost considerations to the complexities of integrating multiple sensors. He also walks us through the transformation of autonomous mobile robots and the future of autonomous vehicles and agriculture vehicles. Strap in for a fascinating journey as we uncover the past, present, and future of embedded vision technology with Suresh Madhu. This episode is sure to be a treasure trove of insights for tech enthusiasts and vision tech experts alike.

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Suganthi Sugumaran: 0:00

Welcome to Vision Vitals, a series of embedded vision podcasts powered by e-con Systems. This is Suganthi, your host for today. I'm the Director of Marketing here. We're happy to explore the evolution and latest trends in embedded vision technology through this series. In this first episode, I'll be talking to Suresh Madhu, head of product marketing at e-con Systems. With 16 plus years of experience in embedded product design system on module camera solutions and product development, he has played an integral part in helping many customers build their products by integrating the right vision technology into them. We will be discussing how embedded vision technology has evolved over the years, as we get to hear his valuable insights on a broad range of topics. So let's get started. Hi Madhu, welcome to our podcast.

Suresh Madhu: 1:00

Hi Suganthi, thank you for having me in this show.

Suganthi Sugumaran: 1:03

Sure Madhu, let's kick start by looking at the past. How do you think embedded vision technology has evolved over the years?

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