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Press Releases Archive (2009 - 2011)

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Aug 26, 2011  e-con Systems Announces a 3 Mega Pixel Autofocus USB Camera Module
Jun 24, 2011  e-con Systems Announces a Custom Lens Camera Board for the Gumstix® Overo™ Series of COMs
Jun 13, 2011  e-con Systems Announces eImageViewer Application for Windows Embedded CE Devices
Apr 26, 2011  e-con Systems announces Android BSP targeting handhelds and industrial applications
Apr 21, 2011  e-con Systems Targets Surveillance Market with Wide Dynamic Range Camera Module
Apr 18, 2011  e-con Systems Announces Support of camera daughter board for DaVinciTM Processor / SitaraTM Processor Series
Jan 25, 2011  e-con Systems Announces Android Support for its Camera Daughter Boards
Dec 30, 2010  e-con Systems Announces its Support for WindowsTM Embedded Compact 7
Oct 11, 2010  e-con Systems Launches its 5M Pixel Custom Lens Camera Module
Oct 01, 2010  e-con Systems Launches 5MP High Definition (HD) Camera Solution for Gumstix Overo Computer on modules
Sep 08, 2010  e-con Systems Announces Ångström Distribution for its Development Boards
Aug 25, 2010  e-con Systems Launches e-WiB - New Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Add-on Module
July 28, 2010  e-con Systems Announces Its Windows Embedded CE Expertise With a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award
July 22, 2010  e-con Systems selects EDA4YOU as SALES REPRESENTATIVE for Europe
July 10, 2010  e-con Systems expands Operations - opens new sales office in Brazil and Argentina
July 6, 2010  e-con Systems Announces Support of High Definition Camera Solution for OMAPTM 35xx Series of Processors
Apr 14, 2010  e-con Systems Releases New Reference Platform for eSOM300 - PXA300 based Computer on Module
Mar 8, 2010  e-con systems launches eSOM300, a new member in the eSOM family of Computer on Modules
Feb 12, 2010  e-con licenses it's e-CAM camera solution to Samsung Electronics
Dec 11, 2009  e-con Systems announces support of 3.2 Mega pixel camera for Gumstix OMAP 35xx Overo series of Computer on Modules
May 26, 2009  e-con Systems announces support of 3.2 Mega pixel camera for OMAP 35xx series of processors
May 20, 2009  e-con Systems' wins "Windows Embedded Partner Excellence Award" at Microsoft Embedded Partner meet
Apr 03, 2009  e-con System's, joins Windows Embedded SPARK Your Imagination Program
Mar 13, 2009  e-con Systems, Sub $50 Computer on module runs Linux /Windows CE
Mar 06, 2009  e-con Systems and MosChip Semiconductor announces exclusive partnership for Windows Embedded CE support and BSP development for MosChip's network appliance processors