Cameras for NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin™

NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin is the latest addition from NVIDIA to its well-known Jetson series of processors. This powerful embedded processor is one of the most powerful ARM-based processors available in the market today with a performance of up to 275 TOPs. To address the rising need for cameras compatible with AGX Orin, e-con Systems offers a full range of camera solutions with features such as global shutter and rolling shutter, autofocus and fixed focus, high resolution and frame rate, high dynamic range, high sensitivity in both visible and NIR regions, superior color reproduction, MIPI and GMSL2 interfaces, etc.

e-con's cameras for NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin are capable of capturing images for edge-based AI analyses for autonomous navigation, people detection, crowd analytics, and gesture recognition. With these features, these camera solutions are perfectly suited for applications such as warehouse robots, delivery robots, service/companion robots, autonomous tractors and other agricultural vehicles, people detection & crowd analytics systems, and patient communication and telehealth devices.

Product Image Sensor Resolution Interface Shutter Type Chroma
NileCAM81_CUOAGX AR0821 8.0 MP GMSL2 Rolling Color
e-CAM82_CUOAGX IMX485 8.0 MP MIPI CSI-2 Rolling Color
e-CAM80_CUOAGX IMX415 8.0 MP MIPI CSI-2 Rolling Color
e-CAM20_CUOAGX AR0234 Full HD MIPI CSI-2 Global Color

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