Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


1. What are NileCAM81 and NileCAM81_CUOAGX?

NileCAM81 is a 4K HDR GMSL2 camera module that can transmit video data up to a distance of 15 meters using a coaxial cable. This camera module is based on the 1/2" AR0821 sensor from onsemi and comes with an inbuilt ISP (Image Signal Processor) to produce images with exceptional quality. It is also an HDR (High Dynamic Range) camera making it possible to capture images in challenging lighting conditions. This camera uses a FAKRA connector to connect the camera and the host processor using the coaxial cable.

NileCAM81_CUOAGX on the other hand, is a multi-camera solution based on the NileCAM81 camera module for NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin and AGX Xavier. This solution comes with a GMSL2 deserializer board that allows to connect up to 6 NileCAM81 camera modules to NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin/AGX Xavier simultaneously.

2. What are the kit contents of NileCAM81_CU0AGX?

For sample evaluation, NileCAM81_CU0AGX is offered in two variants - a single camera kit and a four-camera kit. Given below are the contents of both:

    Single camera kit (NileCAM81_CUOAGX _1H01R1)
  • 1 x NileCAM81 camera (with lens)
  • 1 x 15 meter cable
  • 1 x deserializer board
    Four-camera kit (NileCAM81_CUOAGX _4H01R1)
  • 4 x NileCAM81 cameras (with lens)
  • 4 x 15 meter cables
  • 1 x deserializer board

3. Why is this camera called a 3H camera?

This camera is called a 3H camera due to its 3 key features - High Sensitivity, High Resolution, and High Dynamic Range. These features make sure that you are able to use this multi-camera solution in applications where imaging has to be done in challenging lighting conditions while still capturing the required details.

4. What are the development kits NileCAM81_CUOAGX is compatible with?

NileCAM81_CUOAGX can be connected to the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin development kit as well as the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier development kit.

5. Can I get the design files for the GMSL2 deserializer board so that I can include them in my carrier board design?

Yes. Please write to for further details

6. Does e-con offer driver support for connecting NileCAM81_CUOAGX to custom carrier boards?

Yes. e-con provides the necessary customization support to develop a driver for custom carrier boards.

7. I need an IP67-rated enclosure for this kit. Can e-con support?

Yes. Of course. e-con has various IP67-rated cameras and smart cameras in its portfolio. Apart from that, e-con has helped several customers with custom IP67-rated enclosure design. Given below are two of the most popular IP67-rated products from e-con Systems:

8. I need a different lens to cover a wider FOV. How to do it?

The camera comes with an M12 lens holder. You shall be able to use any standard S-mount lens (M12 x 0.5) with the default lens holder. Please write to for lens suggestions.

9. Can I change the lens mount from S-mount to C-mount?

It is possible to support a C-mount lens holder as a hardware customization effort. Again, please write to for any customization you might need on the camera. You could check out our camera customization page to learn more about the different types of customization services we offer.

10. Can I use this kit under NIR (Near InfraRed) light conditions?

The default lens supplied with the camera has an IR cut filter that filters IR light. If you wish to evaluate the camera for NIR performance, you can test it using an IR pass lens. For choosing a different lens, kindly share your requirement with us at

11. Does NileCAM81_CUOAGX support multi-camera synchronization?

Yes. The hardware supports external trigger for multi-camera synchronization. However, software support for the same is being worked upon by e-con's expert engineering team currently. Please write to for immediate requirements with respect to multi-camera synchronization.

12. Can this camera support 4K streaming @30 fps?

Though the NileCAM81 camera module can stream 4K resolution @30fps, NileCAM81_CUOAGX supports only 4K@15 fps. This is due to the limitation in the deserializer board. However, 4K@30 fps can be achieved by customizing the deserializer board.

13. What are the applications targeted for NileCAM81_CUOAGX?

Since NileCAM81_CUOAGX is a multi-camera solution that comes with features such as 4K resolution, GMSL2 interface, and HDR, it is most suited for multi-camera applications where high quality imaging is required. In addition, devices that operate outdoors with the need for long distance transmission would also find this camera to be a suitable solution. Hence, new age embedded vision applications such as autonomous mobile robots, autonomous vehicles, agriculture vehicles, sports broadcasting and analytics devices, etc., are few examples where NileCAM81_CUOAGX would be a perfect fit.

14. What type of HDR is supported in NileCAM81_CUOAGX?

The multi-exposure HDR technique is used in this camera module. To learn more about how HDR works, please check out the article What is High Dynamic Range (HDR)? How do HDR cameras work?

15. Can I disable HDR if my application doesn't require it?

Yes. An option is provided to enable/disable the HDR feature.

16. What is the advantage of using large sensors like AR0821?

A bigger sensor size implies a larger pixel size (this would also depend on the resolution). For instance, the large sensor size of 1/2" helps AR0821 to offer a pixel size of 2.1μm x 2.1μm even with a high resolution of 8MP. A large pixel size like this allows NileCAM81_CUOAGX to capture more photons during the camera exposure and thus provides high sensitivity. This in turn allows to capture finer details of the scene.

17. I want to use this camera over the USB interface. Is that possible?

Yes. We have a USB variant of the same camera where the camera can be connected to the host over the USB3.1 interface. This solution is called See3CAM_CU81. Please visit the product page of this 4K HDR USB camera to learn more about the features of the product.

18. I want to use NileCAM81 on the NVIDIA jetson Xavier NX development kit. Can this be done?

Yes. NileCAM81_CUNX is the variant of this solution for the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX dev kit.

19. I don't need the GMSL2 interface. Do you support the same camera with just the MIPI-CSI2 interface?

Yes. e-CAM81_CUXVR is the MIPI-CSI2 based multi-camera variant of this camera for NVIDIA jetson AGX Xavier. And e-CAM81_CUNX is the single camera solution for NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX dev kit. Both are 4K HDR camera solutions based on the AR0821 sensor.

20. Does this camera use the NVIDIA ISP?

This camera comes with an inbuilt ISP and hence doesn't use the NVIDIA ISP for image processing. This also makes the entire CPU/GPU available for your end application.