Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What is the RouteCAM series of cameras and what are its key features?

RouteCAM is a new series of cameras from e-con Systems with the Gigabit Ethernet interface. Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability, network synchronization, H.264/H.265 encoding, customization (including sensor, optics), etc., are a few of its key features.

2. What is RouteCAM_CU20, and what are its kit contents?

RouteCAM_CU20 is the first camera in the RouteCAM series. It is a Full HD HDR camera based on the Sony STARVIS IMX462 sensor.

RouteCAM_CU20 comes in three different variants. Given below is the list of those along with the kit contents of each:

  • RouteCAM_P_S1G_CU20_CHLC_BX_H04R1 – Full HD Ethernet camera with enclosure, without PoE injector, and with a 3m cable.
  • RouteCAM_P_S1G_CU20_CHLC_BX_H05R1 – Full HD Ethernet camera with enclosure, with a PoE injector, and with a 3m cable.
  • RouteCAM_P_S1G_CU20_CHLC_H02R1 – Full HD Ethernet camera with 3m ethernet cable, without PoE injector, and without the aluminium enclosure.

3. Between GMSL2 and GigE, which interface should I choose for long-distance transmission?

Both GMSL2 cameras and GigE cameras are suitable for applications that require long-distance transmission. GMSL2 is the more advanced of the two types of interfaces with the ability to transfer a higher throughput compared to the GigE interface. However, when it comes to length, GigE cameras can go up to 200 meters (with extended cables) while GMSL2 can transfer image and video data only up to 15 meters.

To learn more about the differences between the two interfaces, please have a look at the below article:
GMSL2 Cameras vs. Ethernet Cameras – a detailed comparison

4. Is synchronization supported in RouteCAM_CU20 while using multiple cameras?

Yes. RouteCAM_CU20 supports network synchronization which allows triggering over ethernet for synchronized multi-camera streaming.

5. Does this camera support trigger over ethernet?

Yes. This camera supports the trigger over ethernet feature using network synchronization.

6. I need a different lens to cover a wider FOV (Field Of View). How to do it?

The camera supports an M12 lens holder. You shall be able to use any standard S-mount lens (M12 x 0.5) with the default lens holder. Please write to sales@e‑ for lens suggestions.

To learn the best practices for choosing an M12 lens for your end applications, please check out the article ultimate step-by-step guide to choosing an M12 lens for your embedded camera application.

7. I want to use a motorized lens for zoom control. Can we do it with this camera?

Yes. This is possible with customization. Please write to camerasolutions@e‑consystems.comfor more details.

8. Can I change the lens mount from S-mount to C-mount?

It is possible to support C-mount lens holder as a hardware customization effort. For any customization requirements, please get in touch with us at camerasolutions@e‑

9. Can I use this kit under NIR light condition?

RouteCAM_CU20 camera is based on the Sony STARVIS IMX462 sensor that has superior NIR sensitivity (owing to its high Quantum Efficiency value in the spectrum). However, the default lens supplied with the camera kit comes with an IR cut filter that filters the incoming IR light. To evaluate the camera under NIR conditions, you can use an IR pass lens. For choosing a different lens, kindly write your requirement to

10. I need RouteCAM with a different camera sensor. Is it possible?

RouteCAM_CU20 is an OEM camera that comes with the Sony STARVIS IMX462 sensor and an inbuilt ISP. e-con can customize this camera with any sensor based on customer requirements. Please write to for further details.

11. Does this camera support H.264 encoding?

Yes. RouteCAM_CU20 supports the H.264/H.265 video encoding.

12. Does this GigE camera support the ONVIF protocol?

Yes. RouteCAM_CU20 supports the ONVIF protocol.

13. I need an IP67-rated enclosure for this kit. Can e-con support?

Yes, of course. e-con has IP67-rated cameras already in its portfolio. Apart from that, e-con has helped several customers with custom IP67-rated enclosures. Given below is the list of e-con’s IP67/66 rated camera solutions:

14. What type of HDR is supported in RouteCAM_CU20?

The multi-exposure HDR technique is used in this camera module. To learn more about HDR and how it works, please visit the article What is High Dynamic Range (HDR)? How do HDR cameras work?

15. Can I disable HDR if not required?

Yes. An option is provided to enable/disable the HDR feature.

16. I want to use this camera with the IMX462 sensor over the USB interface. Do you have an option?

Yes. e-con Systems offers a USB 3.1 Gen 1 camera based on the same sensor – See3CAM_CU27. To learn more about the features and applications of the product, please visit its product page.

17. Can I connect this camera to the Raspberry Pi 4 kit?

Yes. One advantage of RouteCAM_CU20 is that it can be connected to any platform that supports the ethernet interface such as NVIDIA Jetson, the i.MX8 processor series, Raspberry Pi, etc. No special drivers are required for integration.

18. What are the video formats supported?

YUV, MJPEG, H.264 and H.265.

19. Does it support timestamping with each frame?

Yes. This camera uses the RTSP protocol to stream data over the ethernet interface, and hence RTSP timestamping can be included with every frame.

20. Can I use the camera with the 10/100Mbits standard?

Yes. This GigE camera is backward compatible with the 10/100Mbit standard.

21. What's the length of the cable provided with this camera kit?

A 3-meter ethernet cable is provided with the off-the-shelf camera.

22. I need a reliable connection between the camera and the host due to the heavy vibration in the system. Is ethernet interface recommended for such a scenario?

Yes. One of the key advantages of an ethernet camera over a USB camera is its reliable connection. The ethernet interface has been used in the industry for many decades and is well-known for its reliability.

23. What is the warranty on the RouteCAM_CU20 kit?

All off-the-shelf products from e-con has a 3-year warranty. Please refer our warranty page for more details.