e-conRDA - Remote Device Access Application

e-conRDA Remote Device Access Application is a cloud based software that enables you to access your embedded devices. You can remotely view the device screen over a web browser and take control of the embedded device.

There are millions of embedded devices out on the field doing the chores diligently. Attending to each one of the device, in person is becoming very painful. Device Manufacturers will love to provide an access to the LCD screen, User Interfaces of those devices, remotely on a computer or a tablet. e-conRDA, precisely does that. With e-conRDA, an embedded device's user interface can be seen via a web browser remotely over the internet. What more, all user interactions can be done on the screen, as you would do in person. Supports Linux, Android *

You can use e-conRDA in Industrial Control Panels, Medical Devices, Consumer Electronics, Automotive Test Equipment, Retail Kiosks etc..

Features of e-conRDA

cloud based rempte device
  • ✔  Cloud based remote device screen access
  • ✔  Works across firewalls

customization of device software
  • ✔  Customization of device side software
authentication - secure connection
  • ✔  Authentication & Secure Connection establishment
system on modules
  • ✔  Tested for all e-con systems' System-on-Modules

Benefits of e-conRDA

remote customer support

Remote Customer Support

  •   Take over the controls of the device remotely and support a customer who is lost on the screens or in need of help

rmote training

Remote Training

  •   Train the customers in using the device, remotely
health diagnostics

Health Diagnostics

  •   Check device parameters, vital stats etc. remotely
emergency handling

Emergency Handling

  •   Take Complete Control of the device remotely in case of emergency

For more information on e-conRDA  e-conRDA Customization

* - Coming Soon