See3CAM_10CUG - Technical Documents

See3CAM_10CUG is a 1.3 MP Custom Lens Global Shutter Camera based on the Aptina / onsemi® AR0134 CMOS sensor. Read more about the features of See3CAM_10CUG.

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  •  Bullat Arrow  Data Sheet :

    •  pdf  See3CAM_10CUG Datasheet
    •  pdf  See3CAM_10CUG Lens Datasheet

  •  Bullat Arrow  User Manual :

    •  pdf  See3CAM_10CUG Hardware User
  •  Bullat Arrow  Windows :

    Windows User Manuals

    •  pdf  e-CAMView Installation Manual for
    •  pdf  e-CAMView Application User Manual for
                    See3CAM_10CUG (Monochrome)
    •  pdf  e-CAMView Application User Manual for
                    See3CAM_10CUG (Color - RAW Bayer
    •  pdf  See3CAM_10CUG Extension Unit
                    API Manual
    •  pdf  See3CAM_DFU Firmware Updater
                    Application User Manual
  •  Bullat Arrow  Linux :

    Linux User Manuals

    •  pdf  See3CAM_10CUG Linux Application User
                    Manual (Monochrome)
    •  pdf  See3CAM_10CUG Linux Application User
                    Manual (Color - RAW Bayer Output)
  • Application Notes

    •  pdf  See3CAM_10CUG PC USB 3.0 Hardware
    •  pdf  See3CAM_10CUG Application Note for
                    Trigger Pin Usage
    •  pdf  See3CAM_10CUG Application Note for
                    STROBE OUT Usage
    •  pdf  See3CAM_10CUG FCC final Test Report
    •  pdf  How to use See3CAM in Jetson TK1
                    Development Kit
Download Selected Documents