e-CAM25_CUNX - Technical Documents

e-CAM25_CUNX is 2.3 MP camera module designed and developed by e-con Systems, a leading Embedded Product Design Services Company which specializes in advanced camera solutions. e- CAM25_CUNX targets the Diamond Systems FLOYD carrier board. It can be directly interfaced with FLOYD carrier board through J12 (CAM1), J13 (CAM2) and J14 (CAM3) connectors. Download Selected Documents  

  Download Hardware and Software Documents

Download Hardware and Sofware Documents

  •  Bullat Arrow  Data Sheet :

    • pdf e-CAM25_CUNX Datasheet
    • pdf e-CAM25_CUNX Lens Datasheet
  •  Bullat Arrow  User Manual :

    • pdf e-CAM25_CUNX Getting Started Manual
    • pdf e-CAM_TK1 GUVCView Build and Installation Guide
    • pdf e-CAM25_CUNX e-multicam App User Manual
    • pdf e-CAM25_CUNX Linux App User Manual
    • pdf e-CAM25_CUNX Gstreamer Usage Guide
    • pdf e-CAM25_CUNX Release Package Manifest
  •  Bullat Arrow  Compliance:

    • pdf Declaration of conformity for e-CAM25_CUNX
Download Selected Documents