NileCAM20_CUNX - Technical Documents

NileCAM20_CUNX board is designed to interface the 2 MP custom lens camera modules with the Jetson™ Xavier NX™ development kit. NileCAM20_CUNX is a three-board solution and has two parts. The first part has two boards: one is standard NileCAM20_CUNX camera module that has 1/2.7"AR0230AT image sensor from onsemi® along with Image Signal Processor (ISP) and the other one is Serializer board. Download Selected Documents  

  Download Hardware and Software Documents

Download Hardware and Sofware Documents

  •  Bullat Arrow  Data Sheet :

    • pdf NileCAM20_CUNX Datasheet
    • pdf NileCAM20_CUNX Lens Datasheet
  •  Bullat Arrow  User Manual :

    • pdf NileCAM20_CUNX Getting Started Manual
    • pdf NileCAM20_CUNX Developer Guide
    • pdf NileCAM20_CUNX e-multicam App User Manual
    • pdf NileCAM20_CUNX Linux App User Manual
    • pdf NileCAM20_CUNX Gstreamer Usage Guide
    • pdf NileCAM20_CUNX Release Package Manifest
    • pdf e-CAM_TK1 GUVCView Build and Installation Guide
  •  Bullat Arrow  Compliance :

    • pdf Reliability test report for NileCAM20_CUNX_CHLC_H06R2
Download Selected Documents