USB 3.0 Cameras


See3CAM - a new series of USB 3.0 Camera. It's the world's first UVC compliant USB3 Camera that is plug & play on Windows/Linux. USB 3 camera board does not require additional device drivers. These USB3 cameras work with standard Windows (DirectShow) and Linux (V4L2) software. We provide extensive range of high quality USB cameras (ranging 1 MP to 13 MP) based on Sony, onsemi® (Aptina) and Omnivision CMOS sensors.

Enclosure Cameras
4K Cameras
5MP Cameras
1080p Cameras
Global Shutter Cameras
Auto Focus Cameras
Low Light Cameras
HDR Cameras
Monochrome Cameras
3D Depth Cameras

These simple and cost-effective USB 3 Camera Series can be used in Surveillance, Kiosk, Robotics, Medical Imaging, Handheld barcode reader, Parking Lot Management, etc. USB 3 Camera solves the problem of implementing high resolution; high quality video and images The USB 3.0 Camera SuperSpeed connectivity enables it to capture images at 720p (HD)@60fps.