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See3CAMCU50 - 5 MP CMOS USB Camera with M12 lens holder

See3CAMCU50 is a high performance 5MP, UVC Compliant, CMOS USB camera based on OV5640 CMOS Image sensor from OmniVision Inc with the S-mount (M12) lens holder.

CMOS USB Camera is UVC-compliant and does not require any special camera drivers to be installed in the host PC. The CMOS USB Camera is also backward compatible with USB 2.0 host port. M12 USB camera is ideal for customer applications where the flexibility for choosing a lens of their choice is required.

Customer Speaks:

We purchased See3CAMCU50. The cameras produce a very high quality image. The camera resolution and the picture quality, is outstanding. Read More..

- Michael O'Har , Aethon, Inc., USA

  • Houses 5.0 MP OV5640 CMOS Image sensor
  • Fixed Focus
  • Electronic Rolling Shutter
  • Output format: Uncompressed YUV422 format and Compressed MJPEG format
  • Plug-&-Play (UVC compliant - No drivers required)and Backward compatibility with USB2.0 hosts with limited features and capabilities
  • Frame Rate**
  • USB 3.0 USB 2.0
    VGA 30 fps 60 fps 30 fps 30 fps
    HD (720p) 30 fps 55 fps 10 fps 30 fps
    Full HD (1080p) 15 fps 30 fps 5 fps 15 fps
    5MP 8 fps 15 fps 2 fps 8 fps
  • Supported OS - Windows 10 *, Windows 8, Windows 7, Linux
  • USB 3.0 device with USB 3.0 Micro-B connector. Our Standard camera board will have USB 3.0 Micro-B connector
  • Operating Voltage - 5V ± 250mV
  • Temperature Range - 0° to +50°C Stable image***
  • Power requirements - 1.54 W
  • 10 pin GPIO header for standard and custom operations
  • External Trigger Input to capture a still Image
  • Lightweight, versatile, and portable design
  • Single Board Solution
  • Size in mm (l x b x h) - 77 x 16 x 16.35 (without lens)
  • Weight - 8.5 Grams (without lens)
                   12.5 Grams (with lens)
  • Standard M12 lens holder for use with customized optics or lenses for various applications
  • ROHS compliant
  • * - "Windows 10 Anniversary edition" is now supported only after Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607. For more information on the issue, read our blog - Video Capture Issues with Windows 10 Anniversary edition
  • ** Frame rates are subject to change depending upon lighting conditions
    *** Noticeable difference in image quality found when extended over this range

Sensor Features:

Sensor:1/4” Optical format 5MP OV5640 CMOS Image sensor

Focus Type:Fixed Focus

Resolution:5 MP

Pixel size:1.4 µm x 1.4 µm

Sensor Active Area:3673.6 x 2738.4 µm

Responsivity:600 mV/Lux-Sec

SNR:36 dB

Dyanmic Range:68 dB

Output Format: YUV and MJPG

Shutter type:Electronic Rolling Shutter


ISP:Internal ISP

  • Supported OS - Windows 10 *, Windows 8, Windows 7, Linux
  • Sample Application:
    • e-CAMView - Windows Camera application for Video Preview and Still Capture.
    • QtCAM - Linux Camera application for Video Preview and Still Capture.
  • UVC Camera Controls:
    • Brightness
    • Contrast
    • Hue
    • Saturation
    • Sharpness
    • White Balance (Manual, Automatic)
  • * - "Windows 10 Anniversary edition" is now supported only after Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607. For more information on the issue, read our blog - Video Capture Issues with Windows 10 Anniversary edition

Please contact for any customization requirements.

See3CAMCU50 - Technical Documents:


pdf  See3CAMCU50 Datasheet

pdf  See3CAMCU50 Lens Datasheet (S-Mount)

   User Manual

pdf  See3CAMCU50 Getting Started Manual


pdf  e-CAMView Installation Guide

pdf  e-CAMView Application User Manual


pdf  See3CAMCU50 Linux Application User Manual

pdf  How to use See3CAM in Jetson TK1
              Development Kit

Download Selected Documents

Ordering Info:

Customers who own platforms that support USB 3.0 and are interested in evaluating the 5.0 mega pixel USB HD camera module can directly buy the See3CAMCU50 from e-con Systems.

Part No Description Sample Price
(1 Unit)
Volume Price
(1000s Pack)
See3CAMCU50_CH 5.0 MP Custom Lens USB
Camera (Without Lens)
US$79 US$49 buy online
See3CAMCU50_CHL 5.0 MP Custom Lens USB
Camera (With Lens)
US$179 - buy online

See3CAMCU50_CHL-5.0 MP Custom Lens USB Camera (Without Lens)

Sample Price (1 Unit)-US$79

Volume Price (1000 units)-US$49

buy online

See3CAMCU50_CH-5.0 MP Custom Lens USB Camera (With Lens)

Sample Price (1 Unit)-US$179

Volume Price (1000 units)--

buy online



In addition to See3CAMCU50, the evaluation kit comes with e-CAMView (Windows) / QtCAM (Linux) - Sample application for Video Preview and Still Capture along with the UVC Extension features (for Windows 10 *, Windows 8, Windows 7, Linux) and support for 4 weeks. For more details, please refer the evaluation kit contents below.

For all enquiries please write to

Kit Contents:

CMOS USB Camera kit contents

See3CAMCU50 - Customization

  • Do you need a different lens mount (C-mount/CS-Mount) ?
  • Do you need assitance in choosing lens?
  • Do you want USB 2.0 connector instead of USB 3.0 connector, to reduce cost?
  • Do you need Lens correction?
  • Do you want a smaller form factor?
  • Do you want LED?

CMOS USB Camera Customization

Volume Price Starts from

Buy CMOS USB Camera online

Excluding Shipment Charges

Targeted Applications

»  Digital Microscopy

»  Dermatology

»  Patient monitoring systems

»  Surveillance

»  Video Analytics


»  Video Conferencing