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Stereo Vision Camera RD for TI's OMAP35x/Sitara/DaVinci AM/DM37x processor on Gumstix® Overo®platform. Read more about the features of Capella.

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  •  Bullat Arrow  Brief Detail :

    •  pdf  Capella - Product brief
  •  Bullat Arrow  Mechanical Drawings :

    •  pdf  Mechanical drawing of e-CAM_9V024_STEREO Board - Top View
    •  pdf  Mechanical drawing of e-CAM_9V024_STEREO Board - Bottom View
    •  pdf  Mechanical drawing of Gumstix Tobi Base board
    •  pdf  Mechanical drawing of Gumstix Overo COM
  •  Bullat Arrow  User Manuals :

    •  pdf  Capella Getting Started
    •  pdf  Capella SDK Contents
    •  pdf  Capella Stereo Engine API UserManual
    •  pdf  Capella Streaming App UserManual
    •  pdf  Capella V4L2 Sample Application User Manual
  •  Bullat Arrow  Application Notes :

    •  pdf  Capella Calibration Application Note
    •  pdf  Stereo Camera Calibration using Capella (OMAP platform)
    •  pdf  Stereo Camera Calibration for Capella using Windows PC
    •  pdf  Stereo Camera Calibration for Capella using Linux PC
    •  pdf  Capella - How to Build OpenCV
    •  pdf  Capella Depth Measurement Application Note
    •  pdf  Capella - How to transfer files
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