ACC-CX3RDK-5680 - Denebola Accessory Documents

Denebola (ACC-CX3RDK-5680) is an USB 3.0 - USB video class (UVC) RDK. Read more about the features of Denebola (ACC-CX3RDK-5680).

This page contains references to all Denebola (ACC-CX3RDK-5680) accessories documents. Download Selected Documents  

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    •  pdf  ACC-CX3RDK-5680 Hardware User Manual
    •  pdf  ACC-CX3RDK-5680 Windows Application User Manual
    •  pdf  ACC-CX3RDK-5680 Linux Application User Manual
    •  pdf  e-CAM58_MI5680_MOD - Module Mechanical Drawing
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Denebola - CX3 RDK Documents:
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CX3 Datasheet:
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EZ-USB FX3 Software Development Kit:
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