Embedded World 2020

Focus on embedded systems - Eyes on the future

  • Ever wish your camera could withstand water and dust while streaming 15 metres away from the host processor?
  • What if it was a ready-to-deploy camera with AI model running on the edge?
  • How about seeing multiple cameras with real-time stitching and live streaming?

Do any of these possibilities excite you?

If you are in and around Germany, here's your golden opportunity to see them in action - all in one place! e-con Systems proudly invites you to join us at Embedded World 2020 to be held between February 25 and 27 in Nuremberg.

We will be presenting these breakthrough embedded camera solutions such as our GMSL camera with solid IP67 enclosure, our AI-powered camera on the edge, and our multi-streaming capabilities on NVIDIA Jetson TX2.

 Free admission to the show
25 - 27 February, 2020
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See it live in action at Embedded World 2020

You can also see demos of camera solutions for embedded platforms like NVIDIA Jetson, NXP’s IMX series, Rockchip's RK3399, and Google Coral.

If you visit our booth, you can also get a free consultation from one of our seasoned embedded vision experts to build the next embedded vision solution in your application!

Experience our wide range of solutions and get ready to amaze your customers with exciting possibilities