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NileCAMx21_CUXVR - HDR GMSL2 Camera with IP67 Enclosure

NileCAMx21_CUXVR is a 2MP GMSL2 camera (SerDes Camera) with solid IP67 enclosure for water and dust resistance. NileCAM21_CUXVR is the multi-board solution containing the camera module, serializer, Deserializer adapter board connecting to NVIDIA® Jetson™ Xavier developer kit. The NileCAM21_CUXVR comes with 3 meters or 15 meters coaxial cable with FAKRA connector.

Key Features

  • Houses NileCAMx21 - 2.0 MP Camera Module with S-Mount lens holder
  • High-speed 4-lane MIPI CSI-2 interface to connect with the CPU
  • Plugs in to NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ Development Kit
  • Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link serializer and deserializer (GMSL2 SERDES) Technology
  • Shielded coaxial cable for transmission of both power and data for long distance (up to 15m)
  • Electronic Rolling Shutter
  • Operating Temperature Range : -40°C to 85°C
  • Operating Voltage : 5V +/- 5%, Current - 414mA
  • Linux camera driver (V4L2) for 2MP MIPI CSI-2 camera module
  • Sample application for image capture & Preview
  • Gstreamer-1.0 support for video recording and network streaming
  • Compliances: FCC Class B, IP67 and RoHS
  • Note: The technical information are subject to change

Camera Module Features:

Sensor:AR0233AT from ON Semiconductor

Sensor Resolution and Optical Format:2.0 MP CMOS Image Sensor. 1/2.5" Optical format

Sensor type:2.0 MP CMOS Electronic Rolling Shutter Sensor

Image Signal Processor:On-board high performance ISP

Sensor Features:

Pixel size:3.0μm x 3.0μm pixel

Sensor Active Area:2048(H)x1280(V)

Responsivity:30.8 Ke−/lux−sec

SNR:41 dB

Dynamic Range:120dB

Shutter type:Electronic Rolling Shutter

Focus Type:Fixed focus

NileCAM21_CUXVR - Customization

  • Do you need a Support for external mechanical shutter?
  • Do you need a Custom lens mount (C-mount/CS-Mount)?
  • Do you want a smaller form factor or single board solution?
  • Do you need LED flash?
  • Complete customization of firmware and hardware as per customer requirements. Please contact us for any customization and additional features.

Camera Customization

Camera Customization Contact

Targeted Applications

»  Camera monitoring system

»  Surround view system

»  Diagnostic displays

»  Street lighting cameras