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eSOM270™ - PXA270 Computer on Module

Marvel support

eSOM270 is XScale®/ARM PXA270 processor based computer on module that provides advanced peripheral integration, power saving, Cost effective solution, reduced time to market. This XScale computer on module has Marvell PXA270 processor based on the ARM architecture with SDRAM and NOR flash. System on module is ideal for the customers who would need to have multiple carrier boards around a single system on module.

  • Marvell (formerly Intel) XScale PXA270 @ 312/416/520 MHz
  • 32/64/128 MB SDRAM – 1.8V ultra low power memory
  • 416 MB per Sec effective SDRAM Bandwidth
  • 16 bit 8/16/32 MB NOR flash – 1.8V ultra low power
  • Power Management IC
  • 32 bit external data Bus
  • SODIMM200 socket
  • Operating temperature – -25 degrees to +85 degrees
  • Power Requirements
    • Full running Mode – 0.8 W
    • Deep Sleep mode < 100mW
  • Comes with preinstalled uboot & Linux 2.6.25 or eboot & Windows CE 6.0 R2
  • Dimension - (L x B x H) - 67.5 mm x 31 mm x 4 mm
  • Availability - Until 2020
  • RoHS Compliant

Interfaces Supported on eSOM270:

  • LCD controller
  • SDIO
  • I2C
  • Camera interface(QCI)
  • 40 GPIOs
  • 4 PWM
  • USB host
  • I2S
  • SPI
  • 3 Serial ports, incl. 1 FFUART
  • AC97
  • USB device
  • SSP
  • JTAG

Regulus - Rapid Development Kit

e-con Systems has developed a carrier board for the evaluation purpose and customers can use this carrier board to develop their products and can use the BSP provided by e-con. Customers who intend to design customized carrier boards on eSOM270 can use the evaluation kit with WinCE/Linux BSP and can customize it to their platform they would intend to build. All the pins of PXA270 Microprocessor are brought to the SODIMM connector of eSOM270 - XScale/ARM Computer on Module and hence all the interfaces supported by PXA270 can be put in to use. For more details and other features visit Regulus platform page and Developer resources for documentation.

A computer on module (COM) is a type of single-board computer (SBC) and a subtype of an embedded computer system. The Computer on module is a complete computer built on a single circuit board. The design is centered on a single microprocessor with RAM, input/output controllers and all other features needed to be a functional computer on a single board. Computer on Modules are highly integrated component SBCs that support system expansion and application-specific customization.

You must also be interested in having a look at our eSOM300 Computer on Module that uses XScale® PXA300 processor.

Download eSOM270 Documents:

pdf eSOM270 Datasheet

Kit Contents:

  • Hardware:
    • eSOM270 Module

Why eSOM270 Computer on Module?

eSOM270, a PXA270 Module with XScale processor can be used by customers who have the need for small changes in their design to suit the requirements of multiple customers. Another important factor for going in favor of the system on module approach is the volume. When the volume is low, going in for a module based solution is cost effective and faster. The time to market has become an important criterion and customers would not want to invest heavily on their development activities and would want a faster product development cycle.

Most of the time the Carrier boards designed around the eSOM270 is just 2 layered and hence faster design and manufacturing time. All the pins of PXA270 Microprocessor are brought to the SODIMM connector of eSOM270 and hence all the interfaces supported by PXA270 can be put in to use.

4K Camera Customization

Advantages of eSOM270

»  Cost effective Solution

»  Faster Development

»  Reduced Time to Market