IoT Gateway Reference Design

e-con Systems has developed its own IoT Gateway reference design, Ankaa (i.MX6 Development Board). This is Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT. Through this device, edge nodes (small sensor devices) will be able to make use of various Azure IoT services like IoT Hubs, Event Hubs, Service bus etc., to send/receive, store and analyse data in cloud network.

azure certificate iMX6 Development Boards
Ankaa - iMX6 Development Board

The IoT gateway’s functionalities include the following:

bullatData collection from all End devices nodes

bullatAggregation of data collected

bullatEdge level data processing before uploading to the cloud

bullatBasic control and maintenance of Edge device nodes

bullatBridge between edge devices and the cloud network.

bullatBridge of many different edge device connectivity standards/protocols and the cloud

Internet of Things (IoT) Services

IoT Services


e-con Systems offers IoT services and IoT product development services across industry verticals. The services offered by e-con are:

bullatIoT Device Development

bullatIoT Cloud Integration

bullatIoT services for Industries

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IoT Device Development

End devices which mostly constitutes of Sensors and Actuators form the backbone of the IoT Architecture. The ability to make cost effective and wireless end devices combined with connectivity has created the buzz around connected devices and the Internet of Things. The basic properties of the end devices are low power consumption, wireless connectivity and low cost. e-con Systems has strong expertise in developing such embedded systems and has experience with the following Microcontroller based systems:

bullatOMAP processor series

bullatPXA 270, PXA 300 and PXA 310 series

bullati.MX processor series

bullatPIC Microcontroller series (PIC 33F, PIC 18F)

bullatTI MSP 430 Microcontroller series


Power Management:

e-con Systems has done extensive work on power management and low power designs and is currently working on wearable and IoT devices that run on small batteries for months together without re-charging.


e-con Systems has been involved in Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy) Protocol development and device driver and product development around the Bluetooth. e-con has worked on 802.11 a/b/g/n and has developed device drivers, protocol stacks and custom broadband products with the 802.11 Wi-Fi standards.

IoT Device Protocols / M2M Protocols

Once basic device connectivity is established, an IoT communication protocol must be run over this connection for the IoT devices to communicate with the other nodes. e-con provides support for MQTT and Alljoyn protocol in various operating systems such as Embedded Linux, Windows 10 IoT core, Windows Embedded Compact 2013 as well as for thin clients running on Microcontrollers.

IoT Cloud Integration

Most edge devices are low CPU processing power and low storage space, the reasons being power consumption and cost. As a result, majority of the storage and processing has to be remote. So IoT nodes often send the data to the cloud where the storage and processing like Business Analytics & Big Data Processing is done.

e-con Systems provides support in its devices to access Microsoft Azure cloud services like:


Support is provided in two ways:

bullatBy presenting SDKs in various Operating Systems for the third parties to develop their own code.

bullatImplementing and designing the entire business logic and interaction between the services based on the customer idea.

IoT Services for Industries

e-con Systems is more focussed on IoT solutions for the industries rather than consumer IoT. The industries that e-con are currently focussing include

IoT Services for Industries